Random Acts of Cuteness-Prayers

Last night while saying prayers together, Logan and Brooke decided they didn’t feel like kneeling.

Here’s the conversation that ensued…

Me-“Common guys, we need to kneel and say our prayers so we can get to bed!”

Logan-“I don’t feel like kneeling tonight.”

Brooke- “Me either.”

Me- “Sorry, but we need to. Did you know even Jesus knelt when he prayed?”

Brooke- “Yeah, but Jesus rose again!”

Me (laughing)- “Well you can get up when we’re done saying prayers, but until then, we’re all kneeling!”


  1. hahahaha…your kids are so precocious and adorable

  2. The logic…at that young age..that is funny!

  3. eastonsmom says

    That is so funny!

  4. I love it! I needed that laugh. Love you.

  5. your kids crack me up!

  6. That is too cute!!

  7. That really needs to be entered into some of those most hilarious things kids say!

    Too cute!

  8. That is cute! Your daughter is smart.

  9. OMGosh I'm dying! Logan cracks me up! Quick thinker 😉

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