Random Acts of Cuteness-Dessert

Logan has always been a good eater. Even when he’s sick, he’s a good eater.

Brooke has always eaten like a bird. She’s always the last one to finish, and more often than not there’s food left on her plate.

Erik is very much like Brooke, although he’s usually more likely to finish his food. It may take him a while, but he’ll get there.

One day Grammy came over for dinner and brought the kids dessert… Caramel Apples! The deal in our house is, if you want dessert, you finish what’s on your plate. Yes, that means you suffer through those carrots if you want the good stuff.

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Of course Logan finished his food first, had seconds and thirds, and then got his apple. Brooke had been sick, so she wasn’t about to finish her food and wasn’t the least bit upset about not getting dessert.

Erik was taking his time eating. Once he saw Logan eating that apple, he wanted one. And he didn’t want to wait for it. After a short fit, (and realizing I wasn’t giving in), he began eating his food again… Until out of the corner of his eye he again spied Logan eating his dessert. He became fixated on that apple, watching every bite Logan took, all the while with his mouth open as if he were imagining he were eating it.

This reminded me of something that happened when Brooke was just 2 years old.

We were at Grammy’s and Logan had finished his food and began eating a popsicle. Brooke, being the bird that she is, was nowhere near finishing her food. She became mesmerized by Logan’s popsicle. She asked if she could have one and was told to finish her food. Rather than hurry to finish her food, she began to live vicariously through Logan. She’d watch him take a bite, with her mouth open, and close it after he had taken a bite as if she were tasting it too. She stared, not blinking, as he began to take another bite, then out of nowhere yelled, “Bite it Logan, bite it!”.


  1. lol!

  2. That is really funny! I wonder what she'll goad him into eating when they're older, so she doesn't have to try it!

  3. That is so cute!! I can just picture it!

  4. LOL that is too freaking funny! I so can see it too!

  5. 🙂

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