Birth Story Part 2

If you missed part 1 you can read it here.

The entire time we’d been at the hospital we’d been watching my contractions on the monitor while listening to Connor’s heart beating good and strong. But as the pitocin kicked in, his heart rate dropped with each contraction.

The nurse came running in and had me turn to my other side, thinking maybe he was on the umbilical cord. That didn’t help. And with every contraction, his heart rate would drop drastically again. The nurse had me keep turning over to try and help, but it wasn’t working. She put the oxygen mask on me and put an internal monitor on Connor’s head to see if maybe the external monitor wasn’t accurate. It was. Hearing his heartbeat drop every time was so scary. I asked my mom to call our friends at church and ask for prayers. It was so nice to know everyone was at church and could pray at that very moment, and I had no doubt God would bless us.

And He did. It took less than an hour for me to go from 6cm to pushing (I had only progressed 3cm from my 6am check-in to 1pm). No doubt the prayers helped! The doctor still wasn’t there when I told the nurse it was almost time to push. They called the dr and she was on her way, just a few miles from the hospital. And when it was time to push, she still wasn’t there. I think I had 2 contractions trying NOT to push and then she came running down the hall yelling, “I’m here! I’m here!”. She could have waited a bit, because I pushed for a while trying to get him out. Turns out he had turned with all my rotating from side to side (when his heart rate was dropping) and he came out face up. I have one word to describe that: ouch. Much more painful than my other deliveries.

But he was finally here and perfect, despite the scare. Born at 1:44pm

6lb 11oz 20 1/2in

So that’s the story…

And as you can see, we are all head over heels in love with him.


  1. What a wonderful birth story! You're brave to have gone without an epidural…I wish I hadn't with mine and if I happen to have another baby I don't think I will get one.

    Morgan's heart rate had dropped while I was in labor and they put a monitor on her head too. I remember the nurse telling me it was going to be okay, but before she said that I didn't realize that it was something to worry about…being that Morgan was my first I really had no clue! LOL!

    I'm SO happy for you!! And the pictures of the kids with Connor are SO sweet! Congratulations again! 🙂

  2. Congrats to you mama. I love your story! I wish I had shared my pregnancy and my birth on my blog, but I didn't. Oh well! The next time we decide to have another baby!

    Hope you are doing well. Baby Conner is beautiful!

  3. I love birth stories! Thanks for sharing :o) Congrats on your beautiful baby boy!

  4. This is just the best. I'm sorry you had some extra ouch this time around!

  5. It was good to hear the whole story! Glad he was ok and nothing scary happened

  6. Congrats Mama! Connor is adorable. Your very strong.. I admit I can't go with out the meds at all. I am wimpy when it comes to pain. Your story is beautiful, thanks for sharing. (even though I knew lots of it already)

  7. desertmama says

    We're all in love with him and so glad he and his mom were so blessed during the delivery. Those face up deliveries are not fun for sure!

  8. It is so exciting that you got to go into labor on your own! Very scary about his heart rate dropping there, but the power of prayer always astounds me. Such a beautiful little guy in the end, yes I can see why you are in love with him.
    Thanks for sharing the story!!

  9. yeah i would 2nd your ouch about coming out turned. My 2nd child was born turned. Not only did labor kill my back, but pushing her out was horrendously painful. Even between the contractions it hurt. I remember biting my bedrail between contractions thinking “why is this hurting so bad” with my first I was so glad the labor pains were gone once I started pushing. She ripped me to pieces and bruised me badly coming out. All the nurses would actually shriek when they came in to check my stitches etc. It was bad. She was 9 lbs 9 ou too so that make the turned birth even worse.

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