Out with the old, in with the new!

We got a new range!  Why so excited? First, let me share with you what my old stove looked like…

And now the details.  This range came with our house when we bought it. The temperature in the oven was never correct. I frequently had to bake things for much shorter times than specified because, if I didn’t, the food would come out burnt and black. Ick!  But it doesn’t stop there!  The knob for bake/broil was missing.  We figured out where the off position was, and then used needle nose pliers to turn it to what should have been the bake position.  I couldn’t figure out why everything I baked in the oven came out burnt on top and raw on the bottom! Then I watched the elements heat up one day, and discovered that the bake/broil positions were backward! Additionally, one of the knobs for the burners is broken, so we never did know whether we were cooking on high, medium, low, or in between. Nice, right?

Now, the new, beautiful range:

I got the bisque color to match our other appliances in the kitchen (which came with the house as well).  Not my first choice, but I have no idea when we’ll be getting a new fridge or dishwasher.  This one is self cleaning (woo hoo!), glass top (which I LOVE!), has a turbo boil setting (awesome!), has a hidden element in the oven, and has something called Air Guard™, which traps odors in the oven (like if you’re cooking stinky fish! ICK)!  By the way, see that adorable kitchen towel dress? My mom made it! You can get one from her Etsy shop!

Here’s a story for you…

While I love this new range, it’s not the one I originally wanted.  I had one picked out that had all of the same features, but included a convection oven and was a large capacity.  It was about $100 more, before taxes.  Since we were using our tax return to buy this, I was struggling with which one to get.  We had other things slated for the money as well, and I was hesitant since I knew we could do more with that extra money. But I really wanted this one!

I sent Gary a text when I went to purchase the range, asking him which I should get.  His response… “WWDD?”.  I sent a text back, “Who is D?”.  “Dave”, he says.  Ah, Dave Ramsey

If you aren’t familiar with Dave, you’ll want to be!  He has made a huge difference in our lives.  See, we took his Financial Peace University class through our church a few years ago.  It’s all about getting debt free.  Not only is he fun and entertaining, but he really gets you excited about the process of becoming debt free.  He gives you all the resources and guidance as to how to do it, and it works!  Within the year of taking his class, we had paid off all but our house and Gary’s student loan.  And shortly thereafter, Gary’s job got painfully slow and we were bringing in hardly enough money to cover our bills. But because we had paid off so much, we were able to survive, along with the help of God, of course!

Anyway, Gary’s “WWDD?” text finalized it.  And while I think Dave probably would have said, “Your current range works just fine, despite a few annoying inconveniences. Take the money and put it on your house, DUH”, I opted to go with the less expensive range (sorry Dave!).  Despite the awesome additional features of the more expensive range, they really aren’t necessary.  And you know what? I LOVE my new range!

*This is not a sponsored post, just my ramblings!*


  1. Oooh, how nice! My daughter traded her old electric for the new flat top like your new one. She loved it, but sends one recommendation…don't let liquids boil over, it makes a terrible mess.

    She loves that the burners act more like gas, meaning they cool down faster than traditional coil electric ranges.

    As for the convection oven feature…don't fret over that too much. I got a new gas range last year and after using the convection feature a few times I now find I rarely ever use it. Better to save the money…it would make 'Dave' proud of you 🙂

    Enjoy the new stove!


  2. Very nice! P.S. the kitchen towel dresses are really cute! Have your mom put it on something that it would go on and take some pics so people get a feel of what it can be used for! That might be something she wants to do a giveaway for, at least to get the word out.

  3. lol, wwdd? love it.. and i really like the new stove!!!! wish we could get one… (apartment living at its best! )
    new follower from the hop

  4. desertmama says

    Yay for new appliances! I would be very excited about that too!!

  5. Melinda says

    we have the same stove 🙂

  6. Love it! And I'm so happy for you. I miss my glass top stove 🙁

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