2011 Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

       BOX4BLOX: Jacobsen Family                         Custom Knits for Baby: Arizona Mama

            Green Toys: Jacobsen Family                           GyroBowl: Arizona Mama

           Fun Fort: Jacobsen Family                     Littlest Pet Shop/Fur Real Pets: Arizona Mama

        Folding Trampoline: Arizona Mama                  Laser Stunt Chaser: Arizona Mama
        Domino Race Set: Jacobsen Family                    Laser Stunt Chaser: Jacobsen Family

     Kidorable Outerwear: Arizona Mama                     K’NEX building sets: Jacobsen Family

             OCDaisy: Jacobsen Family                            Bug exploring toys: Arizona Mama

Night After Christmas book: Arizona Mama        Train With No Name book: Arizona Mama
                                                                                 The Story of Christmas book: Jacobsen Family

          Boys Outerwear: Arizona Mama                        Thermos set: Arizona Mama

               Tama the Tortoise: Arizona Mama                 Scentsy Buddy: Jacobsen Family
               Lencho the Lion Zoobie: Jacobsen Family

           Alphabeasts book set: Jacobsen Family           Sandbox: Arizona Mama

 Along Came You Book: Arizona Mama                  Groovy Girls Doll: Jacobsen Family



  1. Looks fun and I'm especially eying the zoobies, Nathaniel would love that for Christmas!

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