A mother’s work is NEVER done!

During the time Gary and Logan were gone hiking the Grand Canyon, I decided to do some spring cleaning… about 2 seasons too late.  In any case, I had a Pepsi at 10pm and was up until almost 3am cleaning and organizing like mad (gotta love caffeine)!  It felt amazing when I was done! It was so nice to look around and see a clean house.  The next day was Sunday, and I knew we’d be gone all day at church, so it would stay clean for an entire day! Yes!

It really looked awesome. Gary even commented when he got home that he should go out of town more often if the place was going to look that good every time! I was so thrilled.

It took no time at all for my clean house to be destroyed.  With all the kids, plus a husband and 7 year old who just got home from the Grand Canyon and deposited all of their gear on the floor, what could I expect?

But I was upset… 5 hours of cleaning like a crazy lady on crack and it was destroyed in minutes.

I am always amazed at the women who keep spotless homes, and honestly, a bit envious.  But homeschooling 3 kids, caring for a baby, LIFE, makes it impossible for me to keep up the way I’d like to.

I know all mothers go through this.  After all, nothing we do is ever complete.  We wash, fold and put away every stitch of laundry in the house, but within a day there is laundry to be done again.  We wash every dirty dish in the house, but within a few hours there are more dishes to be washed.  We pick up every toy and book in the house, but within 12 hours or less they’re all over the floor again.  We cook a nice meal and fill the bellies of our family, but within a few hours it’s time to cook and fill hungry bellies again.  It’s a never ending cycle.

A friend of mine once shared with me something she had read in a book.  It was suggested that we mothers find a hobby, something we enjoy doing that will have something to show for later, something that we can work on and see a finished result that will stay that way!  Maybe you enjoy sewing, writing, crocheting, painting, making floral arrangements… Whatever you enjoy doing, find a way to create something that you can complete, that will stay finished, something you can enjoy looking at or sharing with others!

As far as the house and having little ones who help keep it dirty, remember (and please remind me to take my own advice):  Someday there will be plenty of time to do it all, because those little ones will be gone.  You’ll miss it, you’ll miss them, and you’ll wish you had these days back!


  1. Oh my gosh…My house looked like a tornado tore through it this morning after working my behind to clean it last night…I wish I could be a neat and tidy mom instead I will be content with being the cool and fun mom who can get down & play with the kids & worry about cleaning tomorrow.

  2. My house use to look like tornado went through it until my om came over and freaked out on me and has been helping me get it back in order

  3. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts…. but I am just like you I am so proud when I clean the whole house and then it just gets trashed and I am crushed. Most of the time I just let it go and I'll get to it when I can. Like you said they'll only be little once and I wanna enjoy it.

  4. So true~ funny I do my best cleaning at night. But right now you wouldn't know it since my house is a huge mess. I always feel better when I have a nice clean and organized house and sad when it takes less than have the cleaning time to be a mess again.

  5. I totally agree with you! I remember one time where I got the house SUPER clean one day while everyone was gone, and it was trashed again by the time I woke up the next day. I cried for HOURS! lol

  6. I feel like this every day, LOL.
    I am not a neat freak to start with, so what with that and wanting to just enjoy our little people now before they're all grown up…the house usually suffers.
    It drives hubby crazy because he IS a neat freak, LOL.

  7. I so know where you are coming from I clean and within 5 minutes my house looks like a wreck. I don't know how some people do it with little ones cause my house never stays clean with them

  8. I was and still am a clean freak. With that being said I never clean when the kids are here except on the weekends. I wait until they are in school now and clean before they get home, and pick up in the evening real fast once they go to bed. Before kids I was crazy. Cleaning every second of the day. My house was like a show home. I could never have a house like that again with the messy kids:) You are right though, we need to do more with the kids and now worry about dust. I listen to Your Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins all the time, awesome song!

  9. My house is always a mess! I like to blame it on the fact that it's only 960 sq ft…the same mess in a big house wouldn't look like anything at all! 😉

    I like to cross-stitch, but I've never thought of it in the way your friend described. Neat!

  10. That drives me crazy too! When it's completely spotless, I'll just walk around for 10 minutes and look at it and soak it all up before the mess happens again. It's so frustrating!

  11. JamericanSpice says

    This is great advice and it is so true about keeping the house clean and it seems the older they get, the more stuff is left to be cleaned!

    For now I get the kids to help with one or two things as their responsibility. It was something they loved doing and now they still get to do it. i.e. unload the dishwasher

    But I love that idea of finding something I love to do and doing it.

  12. With 2 under age 2 and both in cloth diapers laundry is NEVER ending in this house! It doesn't help that folding is very difficult while holding a fussy baby and with a toddler who thinks it is his mission in life to unfold the folded laundry:) Oh well, it won't always be like this. I have to admit that I think I will miss washing those sweet little baby clothes one day.

  13. I love this post and I need to take it to heart. I've felt so overwhelmed lately with one year old twins and a very energetic three year old… it seems like the housework is never ending. I wash diapers every day! Cloths every other day! I really need to carve out a little “me” time doing something I love (reading? knitting?) in the evenings instead of folding laundry or cleaning floors while listening to the news. 🙂

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