Blog redesign coming! I need your help! *extra giveaway entries*

As I mentioned before, very soon The Jacobsen Family Reviews will be undergoing huge changes!  There will be a name change (so excited!) as well as switching to a dot com, AND we’ll be getting a new look! That’s right, a blog design from Pearl Tree Designs!

So what do I need your help with? Well, I have a few scrap kits picked out that I LOVE, but I cant decide on one. I’d love to know which you like best!

But there’s also something in this for you (of course)!  Leave a comment here with which kit you like best and it’ll earn you 3 extra entries into the Mama Loves ABE giveaway package, which will include a blog design from Pearl Tree Designs.  Tree is offering a winner the Ultimate Pearl Package: ($50) includes Deluxe Pearl Package PLUS navigation menu bar, up to 10 sidebar titles, full installation, custom background, custom header, blog button with grab code, signature, post divider!

OK, so here are the ones I like:
After The Rain
Fiddle Dee Dee
Pomegranate Twist
New Beginnings

Which do YOU like best? Remember, leave a comment below and you’ll earn 3 extra entries into the Mama Loves ABE package!

Thanks so much!!


  1. My fave is fiddle dee dee

  2. I like Fiddle Dee Dee best!

  3. I like After the Rain 🙂

  4. I like After the Rain, best!


  5. I like Pomegranate Twist!

  6. I like After the Rain the best.

  7. Fiddle Dee Dee

  8. Love Pomegranate Twist! The deep colors are so pretty!

  9. I like Fiddle Dee Dee the best.

  10. After the Rain or New Beginnings!

  11. my favorite is after the rain

  12. my favorite is after the rain

  13. I like After the Rain best, but New Beginnings was a close second.

  14. I love the colours in the Pomegranate Twist pack.

  15. I like New Beginnings, the colors seem more like you to me.

  16. I like the After the Rain.

  17. New Beginnings is my favorite.
    Connie G
    CGruning at aol(dot)com

  18. New Beginings would be my choice

  19. My two favorites are Fiddle Dee Dee or New Beginnings.

  20. Can I say all??!?! LOL! Ok I like Pomegranate Twist and New Beginnings

  21. I really like “you” 🙂

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