Ceramic Knives from Miyako: Review {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

When we got married, Gary and I used some of the money from our wedding to buy a knife set.  We picked one that, price-wise, was middle of the road. I was shocked at how much they cost, but figured you get what you pay for.

Those knives were horrible. Later we paid much less for a set of steak knives, and used those as our main ‘cutting knives’ for everything since. Pretty sad huh?  At least they worked much better than those worthless expensive ones (a wonderful oxymoron).  One day my husband and I were watching a cooking show and saw the chef using a ceramic knife, and decided I had to find and try one.  I needed a good cutting knife!

Enter Miyako. Miyako makes ceramic knives, but not your ordinary ceramic knives…

Ceramic material all come from similar raw materials, but that is where the similarities end. Miyako Ceramics uses zirconium oxide with grain sizes less than 0.6 µm. When these tiny ceramic grains are heated and pressed together, the result is a material that is denser and harder than other ceramic knives in the industry. We press the ceramic material to pressures upwards of 300 tons, creating a blade that approaches the hardness of diamonds. The denser and harder the blade, the better its durability and edge retention.

I couldn’t wait to try out one of these knives! We were sent the 6 inch ceramic chefs knife.  The moment I picked it up I was surprised with how light it was.  The handle is soft and comfortable to use; it just felt natural in my hands.  And Miyako knives are made so they’re comfortable for both right and left handed users.

So how did this bad boy cut? Amazing. That’s all I can say.  It definitely has the sharp cutting edge Miyako has worked hard to perfect: “over 10x the edge retention of a metal knife and a sharpness exclusive to Miyako.”  It’s so sharp, in fact, that I have to be honest and say I’ve cut myself… a few times. I’m just not used to such a sharp edged knife!  I should have known to be more careful, since it cut through most everything we tried with such ease.  Fruits, vegetables, meat… It cut through them all. 

One of the things I have found most frustrating with cutting knives over the years is how poorly they cut through raw meat.  Most often I found myself leaving the meat slightly frozen when cutting it, as that seemed to make cutting it a bit easier with my dull knives.  The Miyako chef’s knife cut through fully thawed, raw chicken like butter. I was so pleased! My husband also used it to cut grilled chicken breast, and it cut just as easily.

Clearly I’m impressed, but my husband has been impressed too.  He uses it as often as I do, so when we cook together I always try to get to the Miyako knife first.

Miyako ceramic knives would make a fabulous gift for anyone who cooks.  I am not one who really “enjoys” cooking.  With my new ceramic chef’s knife, cooking is more enjoyable and much easier!  It takes half the time and effort to cut everything for our meals, which is fabulous for a busy mom like me!

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Buy It: Purchase the 6 inch ceramic chef’s knife like the one we reviewed from Miyako for a special price of $39.99!

Miyako sent me the aforementioned items free of charge to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. These are my honest opinions on the products. Please see my terms of use for more information. A huge thank you to Miyako for allowing us to review this awesome ceramic chef’s knife!
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  1. That looks great. I too have the moderately priced knife set from my wedding and have started to notice rust spots an whatnot on my knives. It is definately time for an upgrade. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's funny that you and your husband race for the knife! I can see my hubby and I doing the same thing – LOL! I would really love to try one of these!!!

  3. I have seriously been on the look out for a couple of really nice kitchen knives and heard ceramic are a great choice. I will have to look into these.


  4. Great review, i have been wanting to try one of these

  5. It sounds like something I desperately need. I actually think I cut myself more often because I have dull blades!

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