Make your own soda at home with SodaStream: Review {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

When I say my husband and I love soda, that’s a total understatement. Many times we’ve cut down, and honestly, we are better now than we used to be. But we can’t completely cut out this habit of ours!  We purchase a lot of soda at the store, so when I heard I could make my own soda at home for less, I had to find out how! 

SodaStream is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Home Carbonation Systems and is sold in over 50,000 retail stores in 42 countries!  They sell a variety of drinks makers- 9 in all- as well as over 100 flavors to choose from, including regular, diet and caffeine-free options.

The SodaStream drinks makers doesn’t use electricity or batteries, making them energy efficient.  They work great not only for at home, but for your boat or RV!  Many of the SodaStream products are recyclable. The price of the bottles of syrup are very reasonable-you’ll spend the much less on soda using your SodaStream than you would on 2 liters at the grocery store!  AND, you’re reusing the bottle when you make your own soda, so no added waste to the environment!

We were sent the Fountain Jet SodaStream drinks maker with a huge variety of flavors to choose from, including sodas, teas, and even flavors for sparkling water!  Being cola lovers, we tried the cola first.  We had some friends over who were anxious to see how the SodaStream worked, so we put it to the test…

I was immediately impressed with how easy it was. My friend, who was testing it while I snapped pictures, did the typical guy thing and didn’t read the directions. I  had the directions in my hand though, ready to use if he couldn’t figure something out. But there was no need to, as it was pretty easy to figure out. Just screw the carbonator in to the back, add cold water to the bottle and screw onto the machine, then press the button until you hear the buzz (average is 3 times to properly carbonate, but for the cola it said 6).

Afterward, remove the bottle and slowly pour a cap-full of the drink syrup into the bottle.  When they say slowly, they mean it; Go too fast and it’ll fizz over!  Then screw on the cap, give a few gentle shakes to mix the syrup, and you’re ready to enjoy it!

So how did the cola taste?  I thought it tasted good! I personally prefer Dr Pepper over Coca-Cola, so I thought this tasted pretty close to Coca-Cola.  My husband, who is a Coca-Cola guy, told me it wasn’t the same as Coke, but not bad.  Our guests thought it tasted pretty good as well, and our final determination was it was tasty! Not quite as good as real Coke, but far better than the generic colas you can buy.

Since then, we’ve tried the Green Tea and the Root Beer.  The tea was pretty good, but I over-carbonated it and didn’t like it as well.  Next time I’ll follow the 3 buzz suggestion.  The Root Beer was really good, and my kids were especially thrilled with it!  Again, it didn’t taste exactly like the brand Root Beer we buy, but was still good and my kids wanted more!

We LOVE our SodaStream and I’m so exited to be saving money by making yummy soda at home!

Buy It:  You can purchase the Fountain Jet Soda starter kit online for $99.95, or search for a local retailer to purchase SodaStream products!

Soda Stream sent me the aforementioned items free of charge to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. These are my honest opinions on the products. Please see my terms of use for more information. A huge thank you to Soda Stream for allowing me to review this awesome home soda maker!
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  1. Wow Great review! I was wondering about the comparisons Coke vs. Sodastream on the taste but you did a great job on discribing it! I pretty much drink Coke,Pepsi and Dr. Pepper and as long as it tastes similar I'm fine with it.

  2. I would love to get one of these for my grandma. She loves carbonated water! Very nice review. :]

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