ABE Sponsor Spotlight: Diono RadianRXT car seat!

When it comes to our kids, there’s nothing we won’t do to keep them safe.  We do our research and buy items that will protect them best.

Purchasing a car seat can be an overwhelming task.  There are so many brands available, so many styles and types.  Sure, they all have to meet the required safety standards, but what if we want better than that?  What if we want safety that surpasses the ‘others’, plus comfort and style?  With Diono, you can have it all!

We currently have (and are in love with) the Diono Radian RXT car seat!

Diono, previously Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products, has been creating amazing, award-winning products for over a decade.  They currently offer more than 100 products from car seats to storage solutions to travel and stroller accessories, and are available in 54 countries worldwide.

Personally, I’ve always preferred a convertible car seat.  While infant car seats can be convenient to carry baby around in, inevitably you will have to purchase another car seat when your baby outgrows the infant seat (often within the first 6-8 months depending on baby’s size), and then later a booster seat, causing you to spend quite a bit of money!

The Radian RXT fits children from 5lbs up to 120lbs. Yes, you heard me right! This car seat will take your child from newborn all the way to booster, eliminating the need to purchase additional car seats as your child grows. And while other car seats only have a 5 year life (car seats DO expire), this has a 10 year life which- in most cases- should take your child through the car seat years!

Less than one year ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics changed their recommendation on rear-facing car seats, advising that parents keep their toddlers rear-facing until age 2.  The RadianRXT offers the highest rear-facing car seat available in the industry -up to 45 pounds- meaning even the largest child can remain rear-facing to the recommended age.

Another very appealing feature is that the RadianRXT fits 3 across in most cars!  When we found out we were expecting our 3rd child, we knew we were going to have to get a bigger vehicle. There was no way we would be able to fit 3 car seats in our car. Now we have 4 kids and need the bigger vehicle anyway, BUT if we ever have another baby I know we can fit him or her in and not have to worry about getting yet another larger vehicle!

Assembling and installing the RadianRXT was super easy.  Because Connor is still just 16 months old, he is rear facing.  I had to add the detachable base to the bottom so the seat would be angled properly, and that was easy as pie!  The LATCH system makes installation super easy too!  The buckle design on this system is so much easier than the other LATCH systems I’ve experienced. Diono developed the SuperLATCH™, making Radian the first car seat to allow forward-facing LATCH use above 48 lbs and rear-facing LATCH use above 40 lbs!

I also appreciate the additional safety features that the Radian offers.  We can never be too safe when it comes to our kids.  The RadianRXT is NCAP crash tested, the industry benchmark for verifying child seat performance in severe accident conditions, and the only car seat rated for LATCH use with a child up to 80 lbs.  It has a steel alloy frame and aluminum reinforced sides, Energy-absorbing EPS foam panels on all sides, and adjustable head support, reinforced for complete side impact safety (to name a few).

We love love LOVE this seat.  My husband got to where he was beginning to hate our other car seat.  It was hard to get Connor buckled in.  The Radian is a breeze.  I can tell Connor likes it too. He was getting to where he’d arch his back and pitch a fit to be put in the old car seat, and now he literally climbs into the new one, ready and waiting to be buckled in.  Maybe it’s because it’s so comfy with the memory foam and support pillows? Wish my seat had that!

Buy It:  Diono products are available nationwide in stores and online, such as Amazon, Walmart and Target.  The Diono RadianRXT is available for $339.99 (SRP), and is sold in 7 stylish colors to suit any taste!

Keep up to date on products, deals and additional information on the Diono Facebook page and the Diono Twitter page, and the Diono website.

Diono sent me the aforementioned item free of charge to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. These are my honest opinions on the product. Please see my terms of use for more information. A big thank you to Diono for allowing us to review this amazing car seat! 


  1. I love the fact that the seat goes up to 120lbs and has a 10 year life!!! It's the only convertible car seat i'd need!!!

  2. This seat looks amazing! I've been doing a ton of research, and this is at the top of my list when we get a new seat! I love the purple and the green print. So cute on top of all the other amazing features it has.

  3. I love that the RadianRXT is so tall! My little guy is tall and I want to keep him rear facing as long as possible.

    graceink at yahoo dot com

  4. I LOVE the Diono! I especially love that it can accommodate tiny babies as well as older kids. I also love that they offer it in purple! Thanks so much for the chance and for all of your hard work!

  5. It's great that this is compact… especially for families with 2 or 3 in a childseat at the same time. It's nice looking too.

  6. I love that the Radian has such a high weight and height limit, meaning my kids can be in it longer!

  7. I love the Storm color and the Daytona. I love that this carseat is convertible also.

  8. I love how long you can rear face in this seat!

  9. I love the storm color. Having a bigger one year old who is in the 90th percentile this is a car seat that would last a long time.

    On Rafflecoptor as Tonya Extine-Hopkins

  10. I love the idea of an all in one car seat that goes from 5 to 120, but when the babies are tiny, isnt it hard to be carrying them around to put IN the seat? It's winter here and we have a 3 month live in grand daughter who had a seat with a carry handle…that was nice and not so big. But on the flip side, that one only goes to 35 lbs, and seriously, we'd all be built like Popeye if we carried a baby like that til 35 lbs. Even at about 13 it gets heavy, but is still so nice and handy to carry. I do love that the Radian folds so small to get in and out of car…it is a joke trying to fit some car seats in small cars. I do like the color selection, especially the plum…but would def go with the red. We have SO many little ones in the family (3 in just one year) and they all need safe car seats, so the color choice would be red.

    thanks much!
    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  11. I find this seat to just be amazing for ERF though it doesn't make the best booster in the world. Great for a tight three across too.

  12. I really like the Storm color. I also love the big weight limit so my grandson will be able to use this for a long time. It's also really slim and doesn't appear to take up too much room in the backseat.

  13. I like the rugby color and the weight limit is great! Thanks for the review!

    arobinson45 (at) woh.rr.com

  14. I like that it is so portable and I also love the storm color, too. It will fit nicely in my compact car.

  15. I love that the Diono Radian RXT will grow with my child by going from a rear-facing to forward-facing to booster seat. No need for any other car seat! I love the Storm color.

  16. I love that it will be the only seat a child needs, and the safety features are awesome! The storm color is my favorite.

  17. I love that this car seat goes all the way from 5-120 pounds. My 10 month old is about to outgrow his bucket seat and we need a new one that can still be rear-facing as long as possible, but will hopefully then last for a long time!
    hungrymonkey09 at gmail dot com

  18. I would LOVE to get this seat so my 8 year old can have a comfy booster to sit in. He won't need one for much longer so once he was done with it it would be nice to have to keep my 18 month old rear facing longer than the current seat I have for her!

  19. I would LOVE to get this seat so my 8 year old can have a comfy booster to sit in. He won't need one for much longer so once he was done with it it would be nice to have to keep my 18 month old rear facing longer than the current seat I have for her!

  20. I love that the Diono seat is the only carseat you need. I think it's neat that Diono understands that the average person doesn't have money to through around on multiple carseats. With Diono you invest in one safe carseat…that's it! I would love the shadow color! Thank you.
    Laurie Adams,adamsfamily@peak.org

  21. I think this is a great car seat that can span all the ages up to 120 lbs even. This is very versatile.

  22. I heard a lot about this car seat and it has a great reviews from parents. Would love to win this car seat for my beloved daughter who just turn 2 this January. thank you for sponsoring #ABE3 event at Full Time Mama.

  23. I love that they made these narrow enough to fit 3 carseats across! That is one of the biggest drawbacks of carsearts, they are just so HUGE. We have 2 kids in carseats already and are trying for #3 so this would be AWESOME!

    (Rachel N on raffelcopter)

  24. I love the fact that the seat goes up to 120lbs. I love that it has a 10 year life span whereas most other car seats only have a six year life span! AMAZING! I would like it in the the Shadow color. I have a gray interior and like things like seats to blend. 😉

  25. I love that it goes all the way up to 120 lbs plus can be used rear-facing! I love the awesome colors it comes in esp the Plum, Cobalt and Daytona!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  26. Love the Shadow! I love that it goes to 45lb RF and there's so much leg room! Also love the 10 year lifespan and it fits 3 across in my crossover SUV!

  27. I love the Cobalt blue one! These look soooo nice! We could really use a couple – one for my son and one for my daughter!

  28. The high backwards facing weight limit is what makes this a great option nowadays.

  29. I love that this seat can rear face for so long. I also love that it has a slim profile. And I love the cobalt color it comes in!

  30. the plum is pretty and unusual…but i love things in floral patterns! carseats are so bulky..take up so much room and when you have 4 plus other kids not in carseats..you need room

  31. I have a radian 80 and the xtsl. I am really interested in upgrading to the Diono seats. My nearly four year old can still ride rear facing and will be using the seat with a harness forward facing for years to come. Best seat for safety, for sure.

  32. I love that it goes all the way up to 120 lbs plus can be used rear-facing! I love the awesome colors it comes in esp the Cobalt!
    Kimberlie T

  33. I like that it looks super safe, but that it can also last through the “booster” stage. I don't like the idea that we have to have the carrier, then a car seat, then a booster. An All-In-One like this is great!

  34. I am and always have been a Britax girl. But after reading more about this seat, it is the only one that I have considered that wasn't a Britax. Since we need a seat for our second car, this is one that I would definitely consider. If I won I would probably choose Shadow, though I like the Plum, too

  35. OH MY Gosh! up to 120lbs! My daughter-in-law could fit into that seat let along my granddaughter! I think I might have to get my granddaughter the colorful 'Spring' Dion car seat. I love the pattern.

  36. Wow! Memory foam! Some of the car seats we have used have almost no padding. I can't imagine sitting on such a hard seat for long trips. :/

  37. I love the look and description of this carseat! It looks soooo comfy!

  38. I would really love to win this car seat. I love the storm color. We need a new car seat b/c ours is about to expire so this one would be great… it also fits such a wide range of babies and children! Unbelievable!!!

  39. aww Conner looks like such a big boy in his new seat. This seat would be perfect on our trip to Fl.

  40. I love the generous weight limit and how it is narrow enough to fit 3 in the back seat! With twins, I need two car seats that will fit, and this looks awesome! I love the Plum print 🙂

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. I love that this car seat grows with your child and is good for 10 years

  43. I would love to have 2 of these in Storm. With the new car seat laws in California, my 7 year old is back in a car seat for another year — which I am VERY happy about (safety is SO important), EXCEPT for having to put him in the very back seat of my Excursion and have siblings free him from the restraints. He can buckle himself in, but getting out is a little more tough. If I had these, I KNOW they would fit in the middle row, side by side, and I'd still be able to push the single seat next to them forward to let older kids into the back — I drive the neighborhood carpool. Amazing car seat!!

  44. I love the blue color and the storm color. I would love two of these. I have a small three year old daughter I would love to have rear facing but she is too big for her seat right now to rear face in it. My son is 19 months old and chunky. His seat has no side inpact protection. Plus both their seats will expire very soon!! They are hand me downs from my oldest child. This seat looks so safe and it's small enough to fit three in a row on a seat. Very cool!!

  45. I like the storm color and be great for Disney trip planned for May.
    joyerast at hotmail dot com

  46. i love that it can be used rear facing over 40lbs… it's definitely on my list when we need to upgrade in a few months!
    heatheranya at hotmail dot com

  47. I love that this can be used for babies all the way up to children 120 lbs!

    Kerri, kerbear560 at yahoo dot com

  48. I like the Spring design.I like Radian the first car seat to allow forward-facing LATCH use above 48 lbs and rear-facing LATCH use above 40 lbs!
    Jessica Cox


  49. I like the Spring design.I like Radian the first car seat to allow forward-facing LATCH use above 48 lbs and rear-facing LATCH use above 40 lbs!
    Jessica Cox


  50. I love that so many of these will fit safely across the back of my van!

  51. I really like the shadow or plum design because purple is my school color while shadow is elegant and simple – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  52. I would love to get the spring fabric on a seat – the fun flowers just make me smile. I love so many things about this carseat, but the generous weight limits and the rear-facing tether are definitely at the top of my must-haves list for carseat and this one exceeds all my expectations!

    Jodi J

  53. I love that you can fit 3 carseats in a row and that the carseat can fit a newborn as well as a toddler.
    linda hawes

  54. We have one of these carseats and love it. I would love to get another bc you can fit three across and then I *think* the infant seat would also fit in our escape.

  55. My favorite is the Plum color, and it's amazing that this seat goes from 5 to 120 pounds! 1 carseat from newborn to no longer needed? Yes please!

  56. I love that this seat has such a high weight limit while not being really big and bulky! Knowing that we want to have several children, car seats like this will definitely come in handy.

  57. My favorite color is storm. I like this system because it is safe and the only car seat/booster that I would need to get.

  58. I love the storm print. I have heard nothing but RAVE reviews on this car seat, and I LOVE the fact that it's a 3 in 1!

  59. I really like all the vivid colors! I like the storm or shadow best though!
    sabrina radke
    srake1024 at gmail dot com

  60. I love the Plum color the best! It's awespme. I also like the design and that these seats can last well in to the booster seat years!

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