Fun on a fire truck…

My uncle is a fireman, and we are often able to enjoy the perks of this.  Tours of the fire station, rides on the firetruck, even a firetruck and firemen at your birthday party!!  Super cool!

Recently we were able to go up in the ladder truck at the station.  Brooke had spent the day with her cousin and was already at the fire station, up in the air when we got there.

It was interesting to see/hear my kids’ reactions about it all.  This particular truck goes up 100 feet in the air.  Brooke was loving it, and wanted to go higher, higher, higher!  Around 1/2 way up, Uncle Joel asked Logan and Erik if they wanted to go higher. Logan says, “Um, I think this is good”, and Erik says, “Yeah, this is good”!  Of course Brooke says, “Take it up all the way!”

I was on the ground with Connor, taking pictures and watching the kids all take their turns.  Connor has been asleep when we got there, and while he didn’t react much, he seemed very fascinated with it all.  He kept pointing at the ladder and bucket.  We decided he and I would take a ride up in it and see how he would react.

Here is the view looking down, about 1/2 way up…

Connor was in awe.  No laughing or smiling, just in total awe of it all.  I got quite a few pictures while we were up there, though it was a bit rough holding him and keeping my balance while taking pictures (the basket does rock a bit).  This was his expression most of the time we were at the station…

It was super cool to be able to see all around, but sad that the pollution in the air was bad enough that we had trouble seeing the mountains all around.  Just on the horizon was a brown haze… Yuck. 

Connor was so fascinated he wanted Uncle Joel after that. If Uncle Joel was on the truck, Connor wanted him…
Here he is waiting patiently with Aunt Jenn.  She handed him off a few minutes after this.

And while he’s happy to be with Uncle Joel, he still has that same expression…

Despite the haze, we all had a great time!  Before we left, Uncle Joel got a call and so we got to watch the firemen jump into the truck and drive away with lights and sirens.  Very cool.  The kids can’t wait to visit Uncle Joel at the fire station again!! 


  1. How neat!! I've never been on the ladder of the ladder truck before. That's an awesome view! Rich's department's ladder has to be climbed…you can't ride it up…I don't think it has a bucket? Anyway, what a fun experience for the kids! Better than the amusement park 😉

  2. My dad is a fireman but we haven't gotten to tour his station since he lives in Hawaii… the kids love visiting firehouses, though!

  3. You are brave! I'm not sure I'd want to go up there, especially if the basket moves at ALL!

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