Perks of Pregnancy

You may wonder why I am talking about pregnancy.  Rest assured, we are NOT expecting again, (and I can say without hesitation I don’t anticipate ever having another pregnancy to announce).  However, many of my friends are expecting, and it’s got me thinking…

Sure, pregnancy comes with some downsides:
-morning sickness (for some)
-fatigue (at times)
-Pregnancy brain
-Odd cravings (dirt, perhaps?)
-Sleep issues (try getting comfy when you have a basketball for a stomach, or try sleeping when baby decides your cervix is a trampoline)

But reminiscing on my own pregnancies, I realized there are so many perks I would love to enjoy now!  For instance:

-Being told you’re “glowing”.  Either that, or you have a really great excuse for looking exhausted without feeling bad!  Even when chasing around a toddler (or 2 or 3), I was still “glowing” when pregnant.  So nice to feel (and surely look) exhausted, yet still look good (or have people tell me that)!

-Elastic pants.  I know, I know, by the end of pregnancy I couldn’t wait to be able to wear normal pants again, but there are days now when the thought of comfy, elastic waisted pants (especially after the recent holiday meals) sounds wonderful!

-Speaking of meals; eating for 2.  If I wanted to eat 2 donuts (or cookies or sandwiches or handfuls of chips, etc), there were no questions asked, no raised eyebrows, no guilt.  Some for mama, some for baby.

-An excuse for gaining weight!  Not only is it expected, it’s insisted! Ah, to step on the scale and actually not freak out to see the numbers up… Or to have the doctor applaud you for a bigger number on the scale when you go for your check up.

-Bigger boobs.  I realize this is not always a perk (pun intended) for everyone, but after having (and nursing) 4 kids… Well, I think it speaks for itself.

-Preferred seating.  I have no idea how many venues follow this, but when calling to purchase tickets to see our Major League Baseball Team play (go D-Backs!), we were offered preferred seating at a discounted price because I was expecting.  And let me tell you, these seats were pretty fabulous, especially on our budget.  (On a side note, kick me for not taking advantage of this with every pregnancy that followed!)

-Hair growth, or lack of.  With each of my pregnancies, the hair on my head grew fast and was healthy.  And the hair on my legs hardly grew at all.  Shaving once a week (or less) was plenty, and it was fabulous! Especially near the end when I could hardly reach far enough to shave them anyway!

-Pampering.  Be it manicures, pedicures, massages, what have you, being pregnant is a good excuse to be pampered… regularly.  A pedicure is always a welcome treat, and even the ladies at the spa take a little extra time to give the pregnant lady the attention she needs!

-Nesting.  Oh, to have that burst of energy (and desire!) to clean the house top to bottom, organize every drawer or rearrange the furniture.

Those are the perks that came to my mind right away.  Any perks I didn’t mention that come to your mind?


  1. I loved being pregnant and hope to be again soon. My claim to fame was getting prefered seating at a concert when I was 8 months pregnant. They considered me handicaped and I wasn't going to object.

  2. I am experience the fatigue now.. not sure about the glowing thing, but I know I will need those elastic pants soon. I am growing for sure. I love being pregnant. Just don't really like the delivery.

  3. I know that I could live without the morning sickness had it with my first and my last pregnancy. I know we are hoping to have one more then after that were not sure. I know that when we do decide to stop I will be sad for awhile because I love babies…

  4. I seriously loved being pregnant and miss it often. It's been 9 yrs since I had my last baby. I only had morning sickness once really badly, so that was ok compared to everything else. I love how many ladies I know who are preggers. I'll live vicariously through them!


  5. Great post! How the heck are ya!? It's seriously been FOREVER since I have been by your page and I feel terrible about that! How is life treating you and your family? I hope all is well. I'm so glad we are in the same group on the fb blogger thingy b/c now I have a reason to HAVE to visit often…yay!

  6. I actually really enjoyed both of my pregnancies, even the lovely tree trunk ankles I developed just before Jasper was born. I felt strong and mostly very good through both of them… much better than I felt for the first year of motherhood, that's for sure!

  7. feeling that life inside you kicking!

  8. Loved this! I'm definitely NOT glowing these days. I also nursed for kids. My poor chest has shrunk down to nothing. I miss it!

  9. desertmama says

    I think the best thing about being pregnant is when you aren't anymore 🙂 Ha ha! That being said in spite of morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness during the majority of my pregnancies it still isn't that bad. Even though I can think of a few of the downsides you forgot to mention…heartburn, stuffy nose, swollen feet and huge ankles (although you never got those lucky!) but all worth it in the end!

  10. You covered that pretty well, I think! I'm one of those people who loved being pregnant, especially during the summer!

  11. I loved for once not worrying about my belly poking out. It was nice not to feel so self conscience.

  12. Being pregnant was both phenominal and awful. I had terrible morning sickness, but once that was over it was a breeze. I loved being able to feel my little guys moving around 🙂

  13. Those are some great perks!

  14. I love when people see the great side of being pregnant instead of complaining all the time. Its such a blessing and it irks me when people complain.

  15. I LOVE being pregnant! It's fun, and easy on me! 🙂 Thank God I do not get sick, just really tired. But I love feeling the baby inside. I love the bigger boobs! 😉 I love the end result! 🙂

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