Random Acts of Cuteness: Are you Cereal?!

We had a few members of my large family over last week for dinner.

My Uncle Joel was giving 4 year old Erik a hard time.  After Erik kept talking on and on about something, Uncle Joel asked, “Are you cereal?!”(serious).

Erik says, “No, YOU’RE cereal!”
Uncle Joel asks, “Really?! What kind of cereal am I?”
Erik replies, “FRUIT LOOPS!”


  1. LOL! Too funny! 🙂

  2. Too cute! I'm dropping by from the Alexa Drop Hop. Feel free to stop by Horseshoes anytime! I added you to my Google+ circles too.

  3. Okay, now that's funny! 😀 I'm jumping over from the Alexa Hop! Have an awesome day!

  4. Hi There!
    I'm on the Alexa Hop and wanted to leave my URL-
    My daughter would have had a fit laughing over what your son said!

  5. LOL How adorable. Kids say the cutest things. I'm stopping by from the Alexa Drop Hop.

  6. LOL kids are so funny!

  7. LOL – hilarious!!! Stopping by from the Alexa hop (and also just bc I'm a bestie – hehe).

    ~Whitney @ Momma Knows Best

  8. Linda Lemons says

    Very clever child !

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