The laundry won’t fold itself…?

<-----See that picture? That is NOT my face when I fold laundry.  Turn that smile to a frown and it's much more accurate. If there’s one chore I hate despise, it’s folding laundry.  I’ll sort it, wash it, dry it and put it away with no qualms, but folding… Yeah, that’s a different story.  You can imagine how much laundry we have with a family of 6.  It never ends.  Yet I’ve been known to leave the clean clothes in the hamper(s) IN the garage (our “laundry room”) for a week or more trying to avoid the inevitable, meanwhile the dirty ones are piling up on the floor of our closet, spilling over everything.  If someone needs something clean, I go to the clean hamper of clothes (yes, in the garage) to get it.  My mom says the key is to fold them the second you pull them out of the dryer.  So, what if I just leave ’em in the dryer? Yes, I’m guilty of that too.

Why, oh why, hasn’t someone invented something that will fold the clothes for me?  My daughter does a pretty awesome job of folding the laundry, but still not good enough that I am willing to let her do it with everyone’s clothes. Am I crazy, not letting her when she wants to? Wait, don’t answer that…

What is your least favorite chore?


  1. Your daughter's folding job is probably better than what clothes that have spent a week in the hamper are. 😉 I don't mind folding clothes except for rags. I have the kids help me with those! I have been making it a contest to see who can get the most folded in a certain amount of time. 😀

  2. Unloading the dishwasher is the most despicable chore to me!

  3. dishes…I loathe dishes. And I leave them for a day or so sometimes if I can't bear to look at them ha ha

  4. Loading the dishwasher-
    I HATE touching dirty dishes that have been in the sink for toooo long!

  5. I hate washing the dishes. We lived in a house for 2 years without a dish washer.. I'm pretty sure it started most of our fights because my husband hates washing dishes too 🙂

  6. I hate putting up clothes and folding, washing dishes and homework!! I am not very fond of chores-lol!!

  7. funny I always get down to the last load and leave it in the dryer a couple days..

  8. I hate folding laundry too! When we run out of laundry baskets I will take it from the dryer to the couch, planning on folding it right away… yeah right! Then I wake up in the morning to find the dog sleepig on my “clean” clothes and I have to start all over again.

  9. I'm trying to get out of my bad laundry habits. So far this week I've been doing a load a day and folding them right out of the dryer and it helps, buuuut I still hate laundry! That's the one job that I really despise… I'll clean the bathroom any day!

  10. How I wish it WOULD! I actually don't mind washing, drying, or even folding.. but hate to put the clothes away. lol

  11. I seriously loathe folding the laundry too. Mostly because it flat out hurts my upper back {I already have issues with my back} but also because my laundry room is on the lower floor & my bedrooms are all upstairs so I have to lug everything upstairs first & it's a huge pain.

  12. I'm ok with folding clothes, EXCEPT for socks! For some reason, having to match and fold everybody's socks just drives me crazy!

  13. would either be dishes or laundry… I hate housework in general but those 2 are at the top of my list…

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