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When it comes to having 4 kids, you can imagine the spills and messes that present themselves… Frequently!  We’ve really been trying to teach the kids to clean up after themselves, but if we don’t watch carefully they’ll grab a handful of paper towels for a small spill.  Either that or they’ll take my nice, clean dish towel from the oven door and drop it on the dirty floor to clean up the spill.  Over the past few months we’ve tried getting them to take the time to grab a rag to clean up after themselves, but walking into the garage to do it is just “too far” for them sometimes.

Now we don’t have to worry about that anymore.  We recently received 2 packages of Skoy cloths to review!  We got a 4 pack of 7 inch by 7 inch cloths, and a 2 pack of large 12 inch by 10 inch cloths.

The first thing I noticed about these cloths are how absorbent they are. According to the Skoy website, Skoy cloths have an absorption factor of 15 TIMES it’s weight! Even a larger spill soaks right into the Skoy cloth- almost instantly. And unlike paper towels, which are not reusable, the Skoy cloth can be wrung out and used again. If it’s a sticky spill, the Skoy cloth soaks it right up; then rinse and use that same cloth to clean up the sticky!  This works perfect for our household, where not only are spills common, but sticky spills seem to be the norm.  The kids have been thrilled to use these for many reasons. Mommy doesn’t get upset with them when they use the Skoy cloths (as opposed to wads of paper towels or clean dish towels), they work well, and they’re made in fun colors and prints- always a bonus to the kids!

Since the larger size most resemble paper towel size, I decided to use one to clean my mirrors with.  Skoy cloths are supposed to be wet first, so I wasn’t sure if the wet cloth would cause streaks on my mirrors, but it was worth a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised when the mirror looked perfectly clean, no streaks! There was one spot near the end that streaked, but after wringing out the Skoy and wiping again, it disappeared. As often as I have to clean the bathroom mirrors (especially in the kids’ bathroom), I can only imagine how many paper towels I’m saving, thus saving money!

The 7×7 Skoy cloths are the perfect size for my kitchen.  They are what I grab first now when I need to wipe down the counter, clean up a spill or even wash up some dishes. And when a larger mess is created or a larger cloth is necessary, the 12×10 Skoy cloth is perfect!  I love having these in my house!

Other amazing features about Skoy that I love:
-machine washable/dishwasher safe (reuse them over and over)
-100% biodegradable (I can put them in our compost once they’re ready to be tossed)
-100% natural (made from cotton and wood-pulp cellulose)
-microwave safe (toss them in for a few minutes to kill bacteria)
-cute patterns and bright colors

If you’re interested in fundraising, Skoy even offers a fundraising program that offers you 40% gross profit! Get more info on their fundraising page.

Buy It: Purchase Skoy cloths online through the Skoy website for $6.99 a package, or find a retailer near you and purchase them in store!

Would you like a chance to win your 4 pack of Skoy cloths? You’re in luck! Spring Fever starts in just 6 days, and you’ll have a chance to win a 4 pack, as well as some other great prizes!

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  1. I've got some Skoy cloths and LOVE them. How'd I miss the larger dog print ones? Now I want those, too! LOL

  2. Skoy is my go-to housewarming gift. I looove them! I've had one or two last more than a year now…and they're still going strong!

  3. I'd love to try Skoy cloths! Looking at their site, I learned they have a fundraiser opportunity to help your group earn funds!

  4. I love that they have an absorption factor of 15 TIMES it's weight. That's fabulous!

  5. WOW, I like how absorbent they are. That's great. Time to stop using paper towels, huh? Hello Skoy Cloths!

  6. We have these already but I would love to gift some to my cousin who is very interested in switching over to reusable paper towels. We went thru so many paper towels before switching to cloth… it saves sooo much money! and it is much better for our environment!

  7. I have 4 kids, too, and I am constantly growling at them for taking my freshly cleaned kitchen towels for the smallest messes! I would LOVE to have a whole drawer full of SKOY Clothes for them to use over and over instead!!

  8. I like that it leaves no streaks on the mirrors or glass. That is a great feature.

  9. We go through so many paper towels around here… these would be great to help reduce that waste.

  10. We have these and LOVE them! I have gone through 1 already and am on my 2nd and it's about gone so I would love to win some more! I like that they are offering larger size ones now. When I got mine they only had the small sized ones!

  11. I love these things! I like that there is a size like paper towels. My daughter uses clean dish cloths to clean up things off the floor too and that drives me nuts! I would really like to have something like this to reuse because with all the kids I take care of, they make lots of sticky messes and I'm using way too many paper towels. That's no good for the environment!

    Shannon M Gallagher on rafflecopters

  12. I like they are reusable.

  13. I have some skoy clothes and love them for cleaning. My husband would go through tons of paper towel until we got these and it has helped on that front as well. i love how I can just throw them in the dishwasher too which makes them very handy

  14. I'd love to give these a try. I think it'd be great for the environment, less paper towels. I love their holiday pack!

  15. I love that they're the “green” alternative to paper towels, and since they're washable they're more sanitary than sponges. They sound awesome!

  16. I learned about Skoy cloth a little while ago but haven't had a chance to try them. It seems like such a logical choice compared to paper towels! They have so many cute designs. I like the Mixed Colors with Flower print.

  17. I actually have some Skoy cloths and love them!!! They are awesome for cleaning up big messes.

  18. What a great way to cut down on waste in the kitchen. Would love to try them.

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