Vera Bradley Review

In the almost 8 years since I’ve been a mom, I haven’t carried anything but a diaper bag.  On occasions when I went out without the kids, I’d grab my wallet, keys and cell phone and go; full hands, to say the least!

I recently went on a weekend trip with some friends and knew I’d need something other than a diaper bag for my wallet, phone, etc.  It worked out perfectly that I had just gotten new Vera Bradley bags!

I received the Laura bag and the Brush and Pencil case, each in the Ellie Blue print.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t totally thrilled with the print at first. It’s not really my style (or normal colors I’d choose), but after a bit it grew on me and now I really like it!

First, I decided the best way to utilize the brush and pencil case for this trip was to use it as my makeup and hair-clip bag.  Into it I put my mascara, eye liner, eye shadow brush, concealer, small eyeshadow case, tweezers, chapstick, and about 4 different sized clips. It fit all this, with room to spare!

Next, to decide what to put in the Laura bag.  I knew I didn’t want to load this bag full of junk (like we women tend to do, right?), but also knew I didn’t want to take tons of bags with me on my trip, and needed to utilize the space.  Good thing is, this bag has plenty of room in the center, plus 4 slip pockets inside, and a slip and zip pocket on the outside!  I decided to put my wallet and the brush and pencil case in the center, and leave room for my DSLR camera. In the slip pockets inside I placed the never-leave-home-without feminine products, nail file, travel size tissues, and hand sanitizer?  In the outside slip pocket fit my sunglasses, and in the zip pocket went my cell phone.

Since we were going from the warmth of Arizona into the cold, snowy Colorado weather, I wanted to be sure to have room to put a scarf, gloves and hat for when we got there. Those fit perfectly right on top of everything inside, and I could still close the bag!  And with the magnetic snap closure featured with the Laura bag, I didn’t have to worry about all of my belongings falling out.

We spent time each day walking through the shops on Main Street in Durango.  On day two we went into a spa so one of my friends could see if they had time to fit her in for a massage.  As we walked through the door, Vera Bradley products were everywhere! I am certain they sold every Vera Bradley product available- from coin purses to umbrellas to duffel bags- in every print available!  It was neat to see all the different items I could buy, and after seeing them in person, I have a few more items on  my wish list.

Since then, I’ve seen Vera Bradley bags all over, and it’s reminding me even more why I want need to get more.  By the way, it’s also machine washable. Yeah, pretty awesome, and a total necessity with my kiddos.

Buy It: Purchase the Laura Bag online from Vera Bradley for $60, and the Brush and Pencil case for $25.


  1. I don't carry a bag unless I'm on vacation or something like that, but these bags are so pretty! In fact, all of the Vera Bradley bags are so pretty!

  2. I adore Vera Bradley! They also make lovely furniture
    and area rugs that I like…It is fun coordinating my
    Vera Bradley purse, wallet, etc…
    Many thanks, Cindi

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