Celebrating Dad Sponsor Spotlight: Oregon Scientific- Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer

We love to grill, and since we live in sunny Arizona we can grill year round!  My husband is a great cook, and he’s good at BBQing too.  I’ve gotten him various BBQ tools over the years, but I found the coolest, most amazing BBQ tool by far:

The Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer from Oregon Scientific is the perfect gift for any dad.  Maybe your dad/husband/brother isn’t much of a ‘grill master’.  Maybe he struggles with cooking the meat properly, either under-cooking or overcooking it.  OR maybe he’s the opposite; He cooks the meat to perfection every time with no need for traditional meat thermometers.  Either way, this BBQ thermometer is for him!

For those who struggle to know when the meat is done, or even how long to cook which kind of meat, this BBQ thermometer will do the work for them!  It features a digital LCD screen with a remote wireless probe.

The probe is inserted directly into the meat that is being grilled and sends a signal to the main unit with the current temperature and readiness of the meat.  On the main unit, select the meat type you are cooking-choose from 8 different kinds- then select the doneness you want- rare, medium rare, medium and well done- all with a simple press of a button and you’re ready to go!  The main unit will receive a signal from the probe from up to 330 feet away, so you’re free to walk away from the grill.

Throughout grilling you can check the main unit to see the current temp of your meat.  When your meat is nearly done, the unit will beep 2 times and a voice will announce “It’s nearly done”, and when the meat is finished the unit will beep 4 times and a voice will announce “It’s done”!  Can grilling get any easier?!

But wait?!  Is your man a fantastic griller like mine?  This is still perfect for him!  How many times has he missed a game, conversation with visitors or the like because he’s sitting next to the grill watching the meat to be sure it doesn’t get overcooked?  Has he ever walked away and gotten caught up in the game or in conversation and accidentally overcooked the food instead?  OR is he like mine and hates sitting there waiting for the meat to be done since it takes way longer to be well done (yes, that’s me)!? Problem solved! Give him the Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer and he’ll never have to worry about that again!

OK, so what did we think of it?  We loved it of course!! His steak was medium just like he wanted, and mine was well done, just like I wanted!

We did have one little issue. When we first used it we couldn’t get a signal from the probe to the main unit.  I turned them both off and back on, messed with the batteries (which were brand new), tried everything I could think of and nothing worked.  I looked through the manual and couldn’t find anything to help me. It wasn’t until I got on and searched for troubleshooting that I found a very helpful review on Amazon which explained this same issue and how he fixed it.  Simply press the reset button on both units!  It would be fantastic if there were a section for troubleshooting in the manual provided with the unit.

Other than that, we couldn’t be more thrilled with this BBQ thermometer!  Since it is hot here in AZ most of the year, it’s nice for my husband to be able to come inside out of the weather and still be able to grill to perfection.

Buy It: The Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer is on sale for $39.99 right now from Oregon Scientific (regularly $59.99)!!  Want 20% off?! Here is a discount code for 20% off the Talking BBQ Thermometer and the replacement probes: FTMAMA20

Win It: I KNOW you want this for a special guy in your life (or maybe for yourself)!  Enter to win a Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer now during the Celebrating Dad event! Head over now to enter!!  Want extra entries? Visit Oregon Scientific and then comment below telling me which feature of the Talking BBQ Thermometer you like best, like Oregon Scientific on FB and follow Oregon Scientific on Twitter.


  1. How cool it speaks in five languages with corresponding display

  2. wow we so very much need this. my 16 yr old LOVES to cook on the grill and this will help him learn to tell when meat is done. and help dad know that burnt meat doesnt taste good lol.

  3. I would love for my hubby to have this it would help him with getting my steak right and not overcooked everytime 🙂

  4. Oh my dad could REALLY use this!!! Perfect idea! Had no idea something like this was available!!! Thanks for the review!!

  5. Oh, yes! We would use this a LOT! We grill out alot and I am pretty sure this would keep Hubby from burning my steak.

  6. My dad would LOVE this! He is always grilling and is saying how he needs a new thermometer. A talking one will be right up his gadgety alley!

  7. I love these. I have a standard one and sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what temp it is

  8. I love that the main unit will receive the probe signal from up to 330 feet away! We are never sure without cutting the chicken open whether it's done or not…then we end up losing all the yummy juices if it's not done!

  9. DH always grills to perfection and always worries about it the whole time. He's never convinced that it's good enough. This would give him the piece of mind and confidence that he's got it right.

  10. i love the beeps letting you know it's alomost done and beeps when it is done

  11. I have this and love it! I honestly never felt safe cooking meat on the grill before. Now this gadget is in my hands and I know it'll be cooked at the right temp!!

  12. Now this is something that would be a perfect gift for my hubby for father's day. He loves grilling and so this awesome! Thanks for the awesome review.

  13. My favorite feature; Two verbal and three audio alert options let you know the status of your meal—almost ready, ready, and overcooked.

  14. Fave product they sell: http://us.oregonscientific.com/cat-Youth-sub-SmartGlobe-prod-SMARTGLOBE-3-with-Two-SmartPen-Bundle.html

    heatherwhitford at ymail dot com

    heather abbe

  15. I like the fact that it talks. how cool

  16. Oh my heck. That has to be the coolest thing I have seen in years. I love the Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ/Oven Thermometer. I have to have it. 🙂

  17. I m with most of you all it talks!

  18. Misses Giveaways says

    I like that you can put in the doneness you want.

  19. Bill Elliott says

    I like the feature that will beep 2 times and a voice will announce “It's nearly done”, and when the meat is finished the unit will beep 4 times and a voice will announce “It's done”!

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