Will they forget him?

Since my dad passed away last year, I’ve had a slideshow with photos of him as my wallpaper on my computer.  I love seeing his face every day. I don’t want to forget his face, his smile, his love for his family…  I don’t want my kids to forget either.

I struggle with that last part a lot.  I know they were all young when he passed away, and I know they likely won’t remember him.  That breaks my heart so much. He loved his grandkids and found so much joy in them.

Not long ago, as the photos flashed on the computer screen, my daughter jokingly asked, “Who’s that?” as she pointed to my dad, her granddad.  My stomach turned.  Though she jokes now, I know this will be reality when Connor gets older, and it may be for her as well. I know all I can do is talk about him and remind them about him, show them pictures.  I hope I can keep his memory alive for them. 


  1. I'm so sorry Alesha. That is so hard. Breaks my heart for you and for your kids. Wish I could just hug you right now!!

  2. Awwww, I know it's still a pretty fresh wound and that would make me sad too. But you're doing the right thing by continuing to keep his memory alive with photos, etc.

  3. My friend passed away about a year ago- i still have her picture as my fb profile- i feel the same way- i dont want to change it-in fear that i might forget about her…its so sad- hang in there- your not alone.be thankful that your dad got to see your kids….i know my moms mom died when she was young i never got to see her-makes me sad for my mom too- i cant imagine.

  4. 🙁 So sorry Alesha. All you can do is continue doing what you are doing, show pictures, videos and tell stories about him. Big hugs mama.

  5. That is the hardest part for me as well. My daughter doesn't remember mom, and she never saw my son. She never got to be part of the next generation. I also don't really have any pics of her with my kids except for one with Kaia at three months. It's what really bothers me above all of it. 🙁

  6. I think keeping the pictures up, especially the ones of him with them will help. The fact that they still remember now – I think they always will!

  7. I'm sure even if they don't remember everything about him, they'll still remember the feeling of being loved they got from him. <3

  8. I wish there was something I could do to fix that problem. My kids go through the same thing and it is very sad. I wish they were able to know their grandparents on their father's side.

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