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Today I want to share my best girl friends.  These two girls are the friends I’ve had the longest; basically our entire lives!  I am the oldest by about 6 weeks, then there is about 3 weeks between Holly and Erica.

We ‘met’ at church, though we are all cousins, sharing great-great grandparents.  All the years growing up it was the three of us hanging out together.  There were times one would be left out while the other two played together, but we always found our way back to each other.

I have millions of memories of growing up with these two girls, but the things I remember most about when we were kids are quite silly.  Erica always colored everything her favorite color- purple- and Holly and I hated it!  Holly had all the coolest Barbies, including Barbie’s twin babies, Ken, and some of the coolest Barbie cars and houses, AND she could turn on her gag reflex instantly, gagging at anything she didn’t like in order to show her disapproval.

Since we were so close and did everything together, we have tons of pictures together.  And yes, our parents thought it was funny to embarrass us. Okay, okay, they may not have done it intentionally, but we have pictures to remind us how ridiculous we looked at times.

As teens we were great shopping buddies, and now as adults we share fun times as well.  We have always had the greatest times together, and you’ll still find us giggling up a storm all these years later.

These girls have been there with me through thick and thin, and times haven’t changed.  I know if I’m in need and call on them they’ll be there.  I am so blessed to have such amazing friends for life, and so thankful to know that will never change.

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Celebrating Friends


  1. desertmama says:

    You went through some amazing times and some amazing hairdos together. Love these pictures and your memories.

  2. Ha ha Bec, the hairdo's were pretty awesome. I love that you were all able to grow up together and hang out with each other. Such good memories.

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