Celebrating Friends: My Blogging BFF

I can’t not celebrate the friendship I have with my “blogging bff” Nancy!

Nancy and I were both a bit obsessed with entering giveaways, and I frequently saw her screen name entering the same giveaways as I did.  I also saw her winning a lot of those giveaways too!  I think we first “met” on Twitter during a Twitter party.  We started chatting, found out we both lived in the same city, and we were instant friends.  It was Nancy who helped me decide to cloth diaper Connor when he was a baby, (she cloth diapered her son and had great advice for me), and we shared all of the giveaways we found.  She knew I was trying to win a car seat, and since I was having no luck she started entering for me.  She won (again, haha) and gave me the car seat! I was so thankful, since I was really hoping not to have to spend the money.

We first met in person shortly before I had Connor.  Nancy brought me the car seat, as well as a gift bag with cloth diapers and other fun things for baby! Isn’t she sweet?  We talked for hours, and really only left because our husbands were with our kids and we were feeling bad. I think we could have stayed hours more and still had hours left in us!

When we decided to start trying to do blog reviews, it was Nancy who sent me information on who to contact for my first review and giveaway.  Since then our blogs have really grown, and we’ve done multiple events together.  We have met up a few times since (mostly at blogging events), but we talk online on a daily basis.  My days feel off when she or I aren’t online to chat and catch up on life and share blogging ideas or questions.

Nancy was a shoulder to cry on when my dad passed away, she offers advice and suggestions when I need them, and she’s been there for the good things in my life too, like when Connor was born!  And now, I get to share in her joy and celebrate the birth of her new bundle of joy, due any day now (hurry up sweet baby)!!

I feel so blessed to have Nancy for a friend, both online and in real life. Check out her blog at www.arizonamamablog.com.

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Celebrating Friends


  1. That was so sweet! I'm so glad you two crossed paths and have been so supportive to each other. You're lucky your blogging bestie lives nearby!

  2. desertmama says:

    That's cool that not only can she be a “blogging” friend, but a real life friend too.

  3. Awww! Alesha your so sweet. I love you girl!! I'm so glad I found you or you found me, or however it was. I'm glad we found each other. Your a great friend in real life and online. I also feel very off when we don't talk daily. I appreciate all you have done for me too. HUFA!! 🙂

  4. So sweet! I hope to be able to meet both of you one day soon 🙂

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