More Amazing Grand Canyon Adventures!

Grand Canyon

Last year I shared with you a photo filled post of the Grand Canyon hiking trip my husband, Gary, and 7-year-old son Logan took.  Well, they loved it so much my husband planned another trip for this year, but this time our whole family (less the littlest guy)!  That’s right, Erik will just have turned 5 years old, 6 year old Brooke, 8 year old Logan and Gary and I (not disclosing our ages, haha) will be joining a group of our church family and friends for a 3 day hiking/camping trip at the Grand Canyon!

If you’ve never hiked the Grand Canyon you must plan to do this. Add it to your bucket list, whatever you have to do.  I went for the first time when I was 13 and it was amazing.  I am very much looking forward to experiencing it as an adult.

Not sure what it’s like, if you’d enjoy it, what it would take to get prepared to go or what you’ll even need for such a trip? No worries!  I’ll be sharing our experience, as well as doing posts on preparation and must-have items for a Grand Canyon hike.  Stay tuned for all the fun!


  1. We want to get out there so badly! We are debating purchasing an RV and traveling across the country. No joke.

  2. desertmama says:

    Love that picture!

  3. Can't wait to follow your experience, and I hope you have a blast!

  4. Now that is the coolest adventure! I've been there a couple times but never for a hike down in. So neat!

  5. I'd love to hike Grand Canyon

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