My #MommyFail confession- Don’t judge

Alright, confession time…

I’m a horrible mom at night, as in, the middle of the night.

You know when your kiddos wake up from a nightmare or something scares them and they just want you to hold them and make them feel better? Yeah, not this mom.

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I am not a morning person, nor a wake-up person.  When I wake up, I’m not a happy camper. Wake me up and I’m mega grumpy.  It’s a curse, I inherited it from both of my parents. Imagine how that was growing up… I’ll let you ponder on it a minute…. 

Anyway, I’m lucky that- of my 4 kids- only Logan and Brooke (my 2 oldest, oddly) wake up and get scared at times.  I try, seriously try so hard to be understanding and sympathetic, but after talking them through the reality of things (monsters aren’t real, the dog would bark if someone were trying to get in the house and then eat them before they could get 2 feet in the door, etc), then saying a prayer with them, I’m done. Like, get-over-it-and-stop-being-so-ridiculous-and-let-me-go-back-to-bed done.  Yep, I’m pretty sure I’ve said something similar to that before.  I’m just such a wake-up-grump that my attitude seems perfectly acceptable in the moment. I know, horrible right?

Logan finally just decided he’d have to man up since mommy wasn’t going to make it better, but Brooke; ah, Brooke, she’s the thinker.  If mommy doesn’t make it all better, she goes to daddy! Smart girl! If only she’d start with daddy!

What is your #MommyFail confession?  Come on, you know you want to spill!


  1. Ok, I've definitely done that. I'm not a morning or middle of the night person either! My mommy fail was not realizing school was starting on Monday. I mean, I knew the date, I just wasn't paying attention. My boss at work was like, “yah, so that's next Monday” and I was like, “CRAP!” I had NO school supplies. hahahaha so we've shopped like crazy now! Their dad got their hair cut yesterday. =)

  2. Actually, this is so me! I think there's probably one more baby in my future, but the idea of waking up in the middle of the night multiple times is pure agony. I hate it when the big kids wake up – just let me sleep!

  3. Sandy VanHoey says

    LOL, too funny- go to daddy I'm a light sleeper so any noise I am awake. My grandson goes through this occasionally and I'll hear him and go there to see what's up with him. There are many people out there that just has a difficult time waking up so you're not alone. Heck, many don't even hear their cries.

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