Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop and Friends Finish First DVD *review*

When I posted the last Polly Pocket Stick N Play review I stated that Brooke didn’t have any Polly Pocket sets prior to that one.  That’s about to change…She loves it so much and plays with it all.the.time, lugging it around the house, and even to church in her backpack to play and share with her friends.  Of course she’s decided she wants even more of the fun sets. She has quite a few on her wish list, but thanks to Mom Central we have one less to purchase; the Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop!

This pet shop is quite large and comes with tons of fun pieces;  Polly, a dog, cat, kittens, birds, and a bunny, as well as many fun accessories!  This set is unlike the other set we reviewed in that it has no suction cups.  It also contains quite a few smaller pieces. While I was a bit concerned with the small pieces getting vacuumed up, (thanks to Brooke’s tendency to leave her toys on the floor), I must say I’ve been impressed with how well she’s cared for this.  I guess when you love it enough you tend to be more careful with it…

There are so many fun little things in this set.  I adore the grooming area with the little sink, spray bottle and shampoo bottle, and towel.  The animals fit easily into the sink, and Polly can hold the bottles to wash them, then dry them off with the little towel.  Even more fun, you can place Polly in the shoes in front of the sink and move her back and forth with the lever while she bathes and grooms the animals, getting them ready for their prospective owners.  Once done with the bath, slide down the slide and place the animals in the carousel (which can be spun) in order to show off the animals to those passing by the shop!

There is also a super neat working treat dispenser, which dispenses little bones for doggie and fish for the kitties with the pull of the lever.

PP Collage01Brooke has also toted this set around, though I make her leave the smaller pieces at home when she takes it out of the house.  I anticipate Brooke receiving quite a few Polly Pocket sets come Christmastime!

We were also sent a cute Polly Pocket DVD, Friends Finish First.  This was a fun movie about friendship being more important than anything else.  Polly has the chance to become the first Adventurista, but has to choose between winning or helping her friends.
Brooke loved it, (as did her brothers actually, though they won’t admit to it I’m sure), and especially loved the adventure course and seeing Polly willing to give up being the first Adventurista in order to help her friends. Of course it has a happy ending, which is always the best right?!
You can watch this and many other cute Polly Pocket videos at the Polly Pocket site, as well as play fun games and find tons of fun activities.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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