Bring On The Pink! A Maternity and Baby Event Coming Soon

It’s almost time!!!

That’s right, here at Full Time Mama we’re about to kick off our Bring On The Pink! Maternity and Baby Event’!

No, we’re not adding a 5th child to the mix (though I am missing holding a tiny baby in my arms).  My lovely sister-in-law, however, IS expecting!  After having 2 rough and tough (and adorable) boys, she will finally be adding a precious little girl to the family!  If that isn’t reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is! SO, beginning in just a few short days, you’ll start seeing reviews and giveaways from some fantastic companies, all maternity and baby related!  We’ve already got some fantastic companies lined up, and will be adding more frequently.  See the right sidebar for upcoming reviews and giveaways (under Bring On The Pink!)

For extra entries into the giveaways, be sure and grab the event button and place it on your sidebar!  Feel free to leave me a link to where you posted it in the comment section below!

Full Time Mama Maternity/Baby Event

If you’re a company interested in being featured during the event, please contact me to discuss it further!


  1. This is cool!

  2. Awesome, I hope you get a ton of more companies to sign up, it sounds fun. I'll check back and keep Tweeting it for you.

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