#FREE New app from Scholastic, Storia

As I’ve mentioned many times before, we’re a book reading family. So much of our homeschool curriculum involves reading, but we just love it in general and can’t get enough.  So when I heard about this new FREE app from Scholastic, I was curious to hear all about it.  Here’s our only problem…  We don’t have an iPhone, iPad or iPod, or anything like it. However, we’ve been talking about getting one very soon (early Christmas?), and you can bet this will be the first app I download.  I can’t wait to get our first five ebook downloads FREE when I download the app!

Storia®, the free, fun, interactive and educational reading app from Scholastic, is designed with kids in mind – featuring learning activities, read-to-me books, a developing dictionary, and private parent settings.

Storia includes:

  • Learning activities-to enhance growth with helpful games
  • Read-to-me books-to create interactive experience
  • A dictionary-to comprehend the content
  • Highlighter and notetakers-to pinpoint the important information
  • Personalized Book Shelves– to organize each child’s reading levels
  • Private parent settings-to ensure your child is progressing with reading

The free app and the five free ebook downloads are the perfect supplement tools to enhance your child’s learning experience.  Storia®  also offers more than 2,000 titles for kids from toddlers through teens, about 350 of which are enriched with vocabulary, comprehension, and video activities.

The Storia® app can be downloaded FREE to PC, iPad or Android tablets (with more platforms to come later this fall) to start a digital library for home or classroom use, and comes with five FREE ebooks – including a special Clifford the Big Red Dog® ebook in honor of his Big Red 50th birthday this year.

Storia®  ebooks can be purchased through The Scholastic Store online or Scholastic Book Clubs.

Okay, so doesn’t that look awesome?! I can’t wait to check it out!!


  1. I don’t have any apple products either! Sounds like a great app, especially for my boys! I’ll have to keep it in mind if I ever do get a i-something. =)

  2. It does! We’ll have to find the app for our android!

  3. Carrie Phelps says

    I was about to comment that I also don’t have those devices and just read your comment! Yay!! I do have a PC so I’m super excited about this. We also find reading to be of great importance in my family as well, thank you!

  4. I like that you can check on the progress! That’s a big perk!

  5. Seems like a great app! I should check it out for Shane!

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