It’s Time To Start Thinking About Christmas!

I know what you’re thinking, but YES, it really is time to start thinking about Christmas!  It is less than 10 weeks away after all!

One of my favorite things about Christmastime are Christmas trees.  I really enjoy putting the Christmas tree up with my family, letting the kids decorate with me while I try to be relaxed about the lack of symmetry and organization. I guess I can be a bit OCD about it, but with 4 kids I’ve learned to get over it.  There’s no way I can keep them from helping me, and I wouldn’t give up that family time for anything in the world!

Since we started putting up Christmas trees 9 years ago we’ve only had 1 real tree, and that was last year.  We purchased a fake tree that very first year, and it lasted us 8 years!  We opted to go with a real tree last year mostly because we’d failed to find a fake tree in time, and the pickings were slim.   

That real Christmas tree and I, we had a love-hate relationship.  It was gorgeous.  Large and full and smelled amazing.  But I had to water it, which meant laying on my stomach on the cold tile and reaching up under it to pour the water feeling quite successful when I didn’t spill a droponly to get up and find myself covered with pine needles. Oh, but that was only the beginning. I felt like I was vacuuming up pine needles off of my floor all day long, and of course, every time the kids would walk by the tree they’d have to touch it and another handful would fall to the floor.  It sure was pretty though. Did I happen to mention how good it smelled? Yum.

You know what though? I also had a love-hate relationship with our fake tree.  It, too, would drop ‘needles’ often.  I suppose when it lasts you 8 years it’s bound to happen sooner or later, right?  I did love that is was super easy to assemble, just as easy to disassemble, and we definitely got our money’s worth!  We knew it was waiting in the box for the holidays to come.  No worries. And you know what else? It sure looked pretty too.

So what are our plans for the Christmas tree this year? I’m not totally sure yet, but we’d better get planning before we’re stuck with slim pickings again!

Which do you prefer, real or fake trees?   

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