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This year my 5 year old son, Erik, started Kindergarten.  He was so anxious to begin school this year, but the more we’ve done, the more excited he’s gotten.

Although he knows his letters by now I still try to use games to help reinforce them.  When we were sent the Smart Snacks Alpha Pops game from Learning Resources, I knew this would be a perfect tool for us!  Like the Froggy Feeding Fun I reviewed previously, this is one that we can use with Erik for school and use with Connor for early learning.

So what is Alpha Pops?  Alpha Pops is a fun alphabet learning game consisting of plastic, popsicle shaped pieces with uppercase and lowercase letters printed on them.  Match up and connect the uppercase letter with the lowercase letter, or match by color.

The first thing I noticed with this Alpha Pops learning toy was the bright colors.  Bright colors draw me in immediately, and I notice the same for my kids.  As soon as they saw this in the box with it’s bright colors and popsicle shape, they wanted to play with it; they had no idea what it was yet, but they wanted it out of the box 5 minutes ago.

Erik and I spent quite a bit of time sitting while he matched up the letters.  We played a few games, where I would say the letter sound and he’d pick out the uppercase and lowercase letters and match them up, or where I’d say the colors and he’d match them up and then tell me which letter was on that colored piece.  Since that first day we’ve used it quite a bit, and he likes to play with it on his own as well.

Connor even loves playing with it, though right now it’s about learning his colors more than letters.  He is working on his fine motor skills playing with it too, trying to connect the pieces together.  It takes a bit of concentration for him, but he loves it. I love it because it keeps him busy while we’re doing school or trying to get other things done, and it holds his attention for quite some time- a rarity with his 2-year-old, adorable, busy little self!

While I love this for Erik now, I am really excited to have it for Connor and early learning.  It won’t be long before he’ll know his letters and letter sounds because of this fun toy, and I’m thrilled to know that I have one more tool to make learning fun for him.  And at $17.99 for the set, it’s an affordable, fun learning tool for any parent!

Is this a product you’d love for your own child? Thanks to Learning Resources, you have a chance to win your own Smart Snacks Alpha Pops (a $17.99 value)! Entering is easy, just complete the rafflecopter form below!  Giveaway ends on 10/21 at 12:01AM EST!

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  2. Sandy VanHoey says

    My grandson would like the Primary Science Mix & Measure Set

  3. I think he'd also love the Smart Snacks® Count 'em Up Popcorn.

    ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Froggy Feeding Fun

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  5. My grandson would like the POP for Addition & Subtraction™.

  6. My kids would enjoy the Froggy Feeding Fun™!

  7. He would also like their New Sprouts Cure it! My very own doctor set.

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  8. POP for Addition & Subtraction looks like a lot of fun! 🙂

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  9. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh Carter would also love the Smart Snacks Counting Cookies!

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