When I Grow Up I Want To Be A…

A friend of mine from church got married a few weekends ago.  She’d asked for help with decorating and bouquets, and I was happy to help. Terrified, but happy.  I had helped my cousin with her bouquets when she got married 6 years ago, and helped decorate for her and my sister-in-law for their weddings, so this wasn’t my first go-round.  Even better (for us and for the bride-on-a-budget), we had a lot of decorations and silk flowers and such saved from all the weddings over the years.

While it is scary and makes me nervous, (I mean, there are no do-overs), it is exciting too.  I just love when it all comes together and the bride is thrilled with the results!

Have you guessed yet what I want to be when I grow up? If you guessed wedding planner, you’re right!  I would LOVE to plan that special day, decorate and make it amazing and gorgeous and a dream come true, all on someone else’s dime!

The bride had an idea of what she wanted for the decorations, so we used what we had and added what she had and put something together that she loved.  Here’s how the chapel looked for the wedding, as well as the bouquets I made, and the floral arrangement on the cake.  After looking at the arrangements for so long I wasn’t happy, but then taking a step back, time away, and then seeing them during the ceremony, I thought I did a pretty good job.  (By the way, we went to Costco the morning before the wedding and bought 24 red roses, 24 orange roses, and a bunch of white flowers with greenery. I also had her buy some floral tape and ribbon that she wanted for the bouquets and got creative.  Not too shabby, and far cheaper for the bride!)

(These pictures are ‘borrowed’ from friends who took pictures before and at the wedding, or taken by me with my friend “modeling” the bouquets.  I can’t wait to see how they look in the professional pictures taken at the wedding!)


I’d love to take some “lessons” or work at a flower shop to learn tricks and ideas someday… And then shadow a wedding planner for a while. SO.MUCH.FUN!

What do YOU want to be when you grow up?


  1. It all turned out so beautiful! Very nice job! I think you’d be an awesome wedding planner! 🙂

  2. You did such a great job!

  3. Beautiful! You did a great job.
    I want to be a doula or maybe even a midwife “when I grow up” 😉

  4. Hey mama, congrats on the WP move, everything looks great. You did a fab job decorating!!I still don’t know what I want to be lol,

  5. Great job! Looks so beautiful! You should totally go for it….those wedding planners make big bucks.

  6. You did an AMAZING job!!! Enjoyed working with you, and maybe you can learn those tricks and if I ever get married, you can do my decorations and flowers 🙂

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