I Can Handle Blood, Vomit, even Poop. But I Don’t Do…

…(insert Psycho music here)… TEETH (as in loose teeth and pulling teeth).   Even as a kid I couldn’t handle when my teeth were loose.  I preferred to let them fall out on their own, but my mom preferred to take me to a family friend to have them pulled.  She’d wait each time to see if I would do it myself, but when they were hanging on by a thread and I didn’t touch them, off we went to have them pulled.

Now that a few of my kids are old enough that they’ve been losing teeth, those squeamish feelings come back.  Thankfully the kids aren’t weird about it like I am, and neither is my husband.  They will wiggle their loose teeth all day so that when daddy comes home at night he can put a string on them and yank them out.

I can take pictures, but I still get a stick stomach looking at it.

What part of being a mom makes you squirm?


  1. I hate having to clean a goopy belly button, right after the umbilical cord falls off.

  2. I could look but not touch when it came to that kind of thing! It’s funny what makes us squirm!

  3. Thankfully, I’ve never had to yank one. Not sure how I’d deal with that…

  4. I don’t think I will do well with teeth either, guess I will have to wait and see…

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