Something Is Wrong, It’s Too Quiet…

If you’re a mother you know if the kids are at home and there is silence in the house, something is wrong.  Either someone is hurt or they’re up to no good.

I’ve shared a few of the antics my youngest son Connor has gotten into.  He is by far my most mischievous, curious child. Once he gets his mind set on something it is hard to get his mind off of it until he’s done what he wants to do. More often than not you have to physically take him somewhere else and get his mind occupied with something else.

For some reason he likes dog food. I don’t mean he likes to play with it or look at it, he likes to eat it. Dis.gus.ting.  Yesterday I was reading one of our homeschool books to my oldest kids when I noticed it was too quiet.  Connor had been playing outside with his brother, but when I got up I found him eating the dog food. Of course I got after him, had him put it away and then sent him to play while I finished reading to the older kids.  When I discovered it was quiet again, I went to find him…Again.  I found him in his room, and this is what he was up to:

I was trying my hardest to stay stern with him and make it clear… Not sure it worked. Guess we’ll see in a few days! (Disregard the mismatched furniture/curtains, mess of toys and stuffed animals, k?) 🙂

What crazy antics have your kids been up to lately?!


  1. Okay I’m sorry but that’s completely hilarious! My brother went through a thing where he’d only eat out of a dog bowl on the floor {he was like 2 or 3} but never actually ATE the food. SO funny!

  2. My boys wanted to watch this again, and again, and again! Finally had to turn it off, much to their dismay 🙂

  3. Oh, my gosh! Caught one of mine doing the same thing the other day! I don’t get the allure…vegetables are nasty but apparently dog food is delish….

    • I know I did this as a kid too (ugh) but I hoped my kids wouldn’t. Oh well, I guess it can’t be THAT bad for him, right?

  4. Ha ha…he is so cute trying to explain. I would’ve had a hard time keeping a straight face. The little boy I nannied for used to steal the kitty crunchy food and chew on it.

  5. Laura Jacobson says

    LOL! Carter has a couple times tried to take a few bites of our dogs food but thats been it! Kids are so funny! Carter was always fascinated with our dogs water bowl! I think it was dumped daily and all his toys seemed to end up in it! LOL

  6. LOL! He sure is determined to have a doggy treat! 🙂

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