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Bring On The Pink- Pink Blush Review and #Giveaway

Bring On The Pink- Pink Blush Review and #Giveaway

Let me start by saying I have a new favorite cardigan.

The Pink Blush Ruffled Maternity Cardigan is something I never knew I always needed.  Living in a climate with mild winters most of the time a light jacket is all I need, especially when I’m pregnant.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but the term “bun in the oven” fits in more ways than one.  I always feel so much warmer when I’m pregnant.  In fact when others are complaining the air conditioning is running a little too cold it’s getting just about perfect for me.  Normally I get colder any time of year when I’m in a super air conditioned building for too long (like the mall or a grocery store), but NOT when I’m pregnant.  That being said I still don’t want a just a t-shirt on a cold day, but just a little something to take the chill off.  That’s why I love this cardigan so much.  It’s breathable lightweight material is perfect for those brisk, but not too cold days.  Which means it will probably work for me all winter!

When I first saw this cardigan I was immediately drawn to the ruffled front.  It is feminine without being over the top, and great for so many outfits.  It can be worn with a skirt or a pair of jeans, and not look out of place.  When it comes to maternity clothes, being able to wear something for more than one occasion is a huge bonus.  When you’re pregnant with your first baby it’s so exciting to go shopping for those cute maternity clothes until you realize how much you will actually have to buy!  It’s not like you just need a new outfit or two, but basically an entirely new wardrobe.  Because let’s face it, those pre-pregnancy jeans just aren’t going to see the light of day for probably another year.  When the excitement wears off, and reality sets in, you realize you need to purchase a few items that can fill many roles.  If the majority of your pregnancy falls in the fall and winter months like mine does, this cardigan is one of those pieces.

My cardigan arrived at my door at the perfect time.  Two of my good friends were getting married, and my oldest son was going to be the ring bearer.  My husband was also to take part in the wedding ceremony and I knew there would be lots of pictures.  Even though those pictures didn’t necessarily include me I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb next to those well dressed guys of mine, and wear something that didn’t really fit the occasion.  It was an evening wedding and although not formal, it was definitely a dress up event.  I had a couple of outfits in mind, but when I saw the cardigan I knew I wanted to wear it.  The weather that evening was cooler than normal so it was the perfect time to try it out.  I put it on with a black shirt and skirt, and added my favorite black boots to finish it off.  For the first time in awhile I actually didn’t feel like a “pregnant lady”.  I felt like my normal self, a wife and mom spending an evening with her family.  My son and husband both even told me I looked beautiful that night, and you know a compliment from a four year old isn’t to be taken lightly.  Since they’re also known to point out wrinkles, bad hair days, and other body flaws you hoped no one would notice!  Anyway, needless to say I was happy with my outfit, and my family wasn’t the only one to notice it.  I got several comments on the new cardigan, and how much everyone liked it.

The tragic flaw to this garment though is it has to be hand washed and laid flat to dry.  When I saw that I was immediately disappointed, but after I wore it for the first time I realized it was worth the effort.  I washed it before I wore it in my washing machine (gasp!), but on the hand wash cycle.  I’ve used that for all of my hand washables (which are very few as I try to avoid them), and haven’t had any trouble.  I did however resist the urge to throw it in the dryer on low.  Figured why tempt fate and have it end up shrinking.  So I laid it flat to dry and because of the thinner material it took no time at all to be ready to wear.  It also didn’t need any ironing, which some things that can’t be dried tend to.

The Pink Blush Maternity website has this cardigan, and lots of other seriously cute clothes to choose from.  Definitely take a look on your quest to build up your maternity wardrobe!

Rebecca received the product mentioned for review purposes. Regardless, all opinions expressed are her own.

How would you like to go shopping at Pink Blush? Perhaps you’d like one of these adorable items:
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Rebecca is a stay at home mom of two (expecting her third soon), and married to a wonderful husband.  She was an elementary school teacher before staying home after her first child was born, and now is excited to have transitioned to her newest teaching assignment as she homeschools her children.  She is actively involved in her church, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends there.  Drinking coffee, baking, and trying out new recipes also help to occupy her time.


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  3. i like the teal flowy top

  4. Michelle Frame says

    I would get the Royal Blue Maternity Cardigan

  5. I like the Black Maternity Yoga Pants.
    Thanks for the chance!

  6. Alex Liz Robinson says

    I like the Ivory Flowy maternity top.

  7. i like the pink long sleeved top

  8. Robyn Lucas says

    I would give this to my SIL as a gift. She is expecting her first soon!

  9. I think I might get the Teal White Striped 3/4 Sleeve Maternity Shirt!

  10. domestic diva says

    I might bet a beige long sleeve maternity shirt.

  11. Amanda Alvarado says

    I would probably use it towards the Blue Striped Chain Belted Maternity Maxi Dress

  12. Sonya Morris says

    I may get the Teal White Striped 3/4 Sleeve Maternity Shirt.

  13. I might get the teal flowy maternity top.


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