Another Lesson From My Children- Mistakes and Forgiveness

SorryI had a typical parenting moment. You know, the one where your child does the same thing they know they’re not supposed to do that you’ve warned them about over and over and yet they did it again for the umpteenth time…? Yep, that one.  Of course, upon scolding and showing extreme unhappiness at the occurrence, my child began to sob and go through the same spiel from the last bajillion times about how sorry they were, they wouldn’t do it again… You know the one.  And I found myself saying, “I hear you. I know you say you’re sorry;  You do every time. I am sick of hearing ‘I’m sorry!’ when you turn around and do it over and over again.  You keep saying you’re sorry but then you don’t stop doing it, and I’m tired of it!  It doesn’t really seem like you must be sorry if you keep doing it and not trying to change it!”

Then here comes the bolt of lightning, the light bulb above the head, the spotlight in my face… Boom!  A little voice in my head says, “Sound familiar?”


I wonder how many times God has heard me say I’m sorry for the same thing over and over again, the same mistake I keep making and continue to have a hard time changing…?  And the truth is, I really AM sorry, each and every time.  But unlike myself and my child at that moment, I don’t have to worry about God getting fed up with me, fed up with my apologies, my tears and cries for forgiveness.  I don’t have to worry about Him walking out on me in frustration or hearing Him tell me He doesn’t believe it.  I have the comfort in knowing that He is there to listen and forgive each and every time, and He’s there to help me change it if I just let Him and try.

Now when my child(ren) keep doing the same thing, making the same mistakes, misbehaving, etc, I’ve found myself remembering this moment and, instead of flipping out and not validating their efforts and feelings, I tell them to pray about it, pray that God will help them change it.  I want to be sure they know Who to turn to when they’re struggling with something and to know that He is always there.

I was quite proud of my son the other day when- after getting scolded for provoking his siblings- he told me he’s been trying very hard to be better, and he’s been asking God to help him.  I have no doubt he’ll continue to provoke from time to time (it’s what kids do, right?) but I also have no doubt it’ll be less often, less unkind in nature, and also less of a pleasure for him.  It’s these little lessons that make me feel like I’m doing something right, and thankful that God has entrusted these sweet souls to me.  With His help, my kids will turn out to be amazing servants for Him.


  1. It’s so to teach children things that you know are right or wrong, it’s just one of those things they have to learn on their own.

    You’re doing a great job!

  2. Wow, such a great lightening bolt and how wonderful to hear your son taking your words to heart. So thankful our Savior gives us bountiful grace and mercy!

  3. Laura Grace Andry says

    I love it when my children talk about God in their lives. My oldest likes to bring God into his play time when he plays with his Noah’s ark set. He has been asking me lately about praying to God to make him not sick anymore. It is the sweetest thing hearing my children praying.

    We are all a work in progress and we all make mistakes. Its called being human. Praying to God to make us better is something that I do frequently. Good for you for teaching this lesson to your children! God is an important part of our lives – or at least I believe He should be.

  4. Wow!! I wish my 3 year old would tell me he’s trying to be better! As a matter of fact, I just yelled at him for the 4th time to stop touching/hitting his brothers head! It’s exhausting!

  5. Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes I forget that I should be thinking about how I speak to them. they absorb everything and the way we talk to them is the way they will treat others. I think we get so wrapped up in our busy hectic lives we forget 🙂

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