Why I Love My Husband

A group of bloggers has been posting these “Why I Love My Husband” posts for a while now, but I recently saw them.  I wanted to get on board, and thought, “What better day to do it than on Valentine’s Day?”  So here we go!  If you’d like to join, click the button below!

Why I Love My Husband

Why I Love My Husband: Wow, if I were to make a list it would go on for miles.  Seriously.  But reason #32543573 why I love him was reiterated recently when our family came down with “the sickness” and, more specifically, I came down with it.  I literally laid on the couch for days, getting up only to go to the bathroom and even then in complete misery.   If it weren’t for my aching bladder and the lack of desire to have another mess to clean up, I’d have ignored it alltogether.  Imagine for a moment what days of a non-functioning mom in a house full of kids must look like.  I’ll give you a second.  Wow, that’s a terrifying picture you came up with, isn’t it?  Tell me about it.

Although he wasn’t feeling 100% himself- after being sick a few days before- he rose to the challenge of caring for our family and home.  After a full day of work, he’d come home and make dinner, clean up dinner, get the kids ready for bed and put to bed, clean up the mess they made while he was gone all day, all the while asking if I needed anything and getting whatever it was I requested.  I told him one of those nights that a DQ Blizzard sounded so good for my sore throat.  He had a meeting to go to at church, but when he got home he had a blizzard for me!  What a guy!

During that time I was sick, he not only did what was needed, but he took extra time to do some of the deep cleaning too.  Honestly, with 4 kids and homeschooling, plus all the other things that come with caring for the home, the deep cleaning often gets pushed aside for ‘special days’.  He cleaned our kitchen (like, really cleaned our kitchen) and it was fantastic.  He’s always been the kind of guy who helps around the house with cleaning, (I love him for that!), but me being sick and seeing him put so much effort into it, leaving it better than he found it really made me love him even more.

So there you have it; Reason #32543573 why I love my husband.  I’m a blessed woman, no doubt about it.hearts


  1. Awww what a wonderful hubby you have!!! Mine cleaned the oven today….. it hadn’t been done in 5 years. Not even joking. Looks like I got a brand new stove!

  2. awww…. you got a great guy hold on to him b/c i’ve noticed those are the ones people try to steal ….

  3. What a great man! He’s a keeper. 🙂

  4. That is definitely sweet! Definitely a keeper

  5. Gina Brickell says

    I really wish my husband would be more like that!!! It is so very thoughtful and when they can help pick up the pieces when youre down and out, you KNOW he loves you back just the same!

  6. It is amazing to me all that my husband does. We recently joked about what I would do without him… as in – could not function. Isn’t it great when you know you have a good one. I keep telling my single friends that they should NOT settle. Find their Mr. Right.

  7. Sounds like you have a great husband!

  8. You are blessed. it’s really hard to find someone like that , who rose to the challenge of taking care of yoru family while taking care of you 🙂 thats’ so sweet..many many more blessing your way 🙂

  9. awww what a sweet hubby. I hope everyone is feeling better.

  10. That’s so wonderful! What a beautiful way to serve his family. I’m so glad you have a husband who is willing to go above and beyond. =)

  11. What a wonderful man! My husband has risen to the challenge this last week with me being in the hospital and then coming home with a newborn after having a c-section. <3

  12. Wow! That’s so nice of him! I’m glad he felt well enough to help! What a blessing when mama gets run down!!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful husband you have! My list would go on and on about mine, too!

  14. johnny-amy lynn says

    I feel the sameay about my hubby!!! Everyone that knows him / us wants to clone him….lol

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