Wordless Wednesday- Connor reads

One night last week I told Connor it was time to go and get ready for bed.  In order to avoid it, he grabbed a few books and sat down to read.  I had to let him go for a bit… It was just too cute!!  The video is a bit dark and at times blurry, but you can still hear the adorableness! 😉

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  1. LOL! SMILE!! He is so cute!! I love this age! Let that child read every night if he wants, even if it’s just one book. Tell him its book time 10 minutes before bed. That way he isn’t late, ’cause we all know Mama’s need their quiet time too. I love 9pm.

  2. Aw adorable!!! Reminds me of my nephew! I love love love how little kids talk! Soo stinkin cute!

  3. Love how they avoid bedtime, don’t you? 😉 This is SUPER cute though!! Love how kids read! 🙂

  4. Awwww! What a cutie pie! 🙂

    Hot Chocolate Dragon

  5. That is too cute! I love it. My little guys both love to read too.

  6. Such a cutie!

  7. That is so sweet. What a cutie!

  8. Oh my GOSH! I love it! He’s so adorable!!

  9. I love his little voice!

  10. Aww he’s a cutie! He’ll like to see this when he’s older. I have one of me reading a Dr. Seuss book from a billion years ago.

  11. LOL! Busted procrastinating! What a cutie, and I am so glad that you have this video. It’s so fun to record “daily life” in addition to the big moments!

  12. His little voice it to sweet! I always find my kids do things like that to avoid things they don’t want to do, but they are so hard to turn down when they are cute

  13. Too cute! 🙂

  14. clarissa says

    my 1 1/2 year old thinks he can read…he will pick up a book, open and start babbling a bunch of stuff turning through pages. Its really cute

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