Kalorik Steam Mop Review- Spring Fever Hop #Giveaway Event

Alright, so I’m pretty sure 90% of your are with me when I say mopping is one of my least favorite chores to do.  I had a mop I actually liked (yep, I said liked) and made mopping a little less of a dreaded chore, but it broke.  The only place I could buy a replacement was on Amazon, and I’d been putting off purchasing it.  However, with 4 kids, a dog, and a house that’s as full of tile as it is of carpet, I could only take so much of cleaning the floors on my hands and knees with a rag, a bucket of water and floor cleaner.   I was about to cave and just buy the mop when this lovely appliance came in the mail:

Steam Mop 1

Yes, I got a fantastic steam mop from Kalorik.  I own another Kalorik appliance (a waffle maker) and I use it all of the time;  I’ve never been disappointed with it.  I was anxious to try this steam mop and see if it was as awesome as my other Kalorik appliance.

The week before this steam mop arrived I’d been sick.  Being that I was sick, I had no desire to get on my hands and knees and clean my floors so the job hadn’t been done in at least 2 weeks.  Needless to say, the floor was a disaster, but the more I looked at the huge mess the more I dreaded cleaning it and so I just kept putting it off even longer.  I had high hopes for this little steam mop, and I’m happy to say it met and exceeded my expectations.

First off, it was a snap to assemble, with just a few pieces to put together and clear instructions.

steam mopIt came with 2 washable microfiber pads, and features a long cord and foldable handle for easier storage.

Steam Mop 2Adding water to the water tank was easy, and in no time I was ready to get mopping!!  It took less than 30 seconds for the mop to heat up enough to start steaming.  I spent quite a bit of time on the floors because they were so dirty, but as we’ve done it more regularly now, it takes no longer to steam mop the floors than it did to use a regular mop.  The floors dry very quickly, which is good because it’s impossible to keep the kids off of it! It cleaned the floors so good, and while I’m embarrassed to show you the mess, I want you to see how awesome it is.


Gross, but awesome right?!

I love that all I’m using to clean my floors now is steam; no chemical cleaners that are dangerous to have around with kids or pets, and no more need to spend the money on those cleaners either.  Plus, the microfiber cloths are washable and reusable, saving me more money! If there is an area I feel needs extra sanitizing, all I have to do is hold the steam mop in that area for 8 seconds and it’s sufficiently sanitized.  It picks up and cleans up the spills and spots and bits of food that are stuck to the floor without me having to exert a ton of extra energy, which is so nice for this mama of 4 messy kids!  It can go on multiple surfaces, including linoleum, ceramic tile, stone, marble, carpeting, sealed hardwood parquet and more.  Yes, carpeting too! The mop also comes with a carpet glider which you can use to clean and refresh your carpets and rugs.  Just beware to keep it out of reach of children (especially their feet), as it will break.  Unfortunately I wasn’t careful enough when I put it away, and in a game of hide and seek one of my children hid in the closet and stepped right on the glider piece, breaking it. 🙁

I really like the angled head on the steam mop as well.  It fits perfectly into the corners of the rooms I’m mopping, making it easy to be sure those areas are clean without having to turn and maneuver in all directions to get every inch of them.

angled head

Even my husband likes the steam mop, and volunteered to mop the floors last time we were expecting company!

Husband cleaningThere’s only one thing he and I both agreed we’d like to see different; in order to get the mop to steam you have to hold down a button that’s on the handle.  It’s convenient because you are already holding the handle to push the mop, however, it doesn’t take too long before your hand is aching and cramping a bit from having to constantly hold down the button (especially when you have a lot of tile like we do).  We’d love to see it with a switch on the handle instead, where you can flip it on and off and exert no further energy into it.

One more thing I want to say before I wrap this up…

My mom cleans houses for a living.  She has had uber experience with steam mops of all brands, shapes and sizes.  She happened to be over at my house when I used this for the first time and was impressed.  She was most impressed with the handle of the Kalorik steam mop, which she says is far more durable than the handles of ‘other’ steam mops she’s used at her client’s houses.  I love knowing that I have a steam mop that will hold up to the job it’s greatly needed for in our house with no worries of it breaking when being used properly like the other said steamers have done for my mom.  Good quality is a must!

When you look over at Kalorik you’ll see that the steam mop isn’t currently showing on the site.  Due to extreme popularity, it’s currently out of stock.  If you have any questions about ordering, please contact Kalorik’s awesome customer service and they can assist you.

When you DO order, be sure and use coupon code: Kalorik20 for 20% off any purchase!!


Would you like to own your very own Kalorik Steam Mop?  I can’t blame you!!  Head over and enter to win one during the Spring Fever Giveaway Hop. While you’re there entering, you’ll find a list of other blogs who are also giving away some pretty amazing prizes too!

For extra entries into the giveaway, comment below telling me what other Kalorik product you’d like to own!

We were sent the above mentioned product for review purposes.  Regardless, all opinions are our own.


  1. I really like that it can go on sealed hard wood, as almost my entire first floor is hard wood. Thanks!

  2. clarissa says

    the stainless steel glass toaster is really neat

  3. Love the popcorn maker too

  4. natalie nichols says

    I love it. We could really use this.

  5. This is super cool. I would assume my hardwood floors are “sealed”. If so, I totally need this!

  6. Ooh! I love that this has washable microfiber pads. One of my biggest deterrents in mopping is that the the pads get so disgusting.

  7. courtney b says

    i love the padding, but i would also love their toaster!:)

  8. Cassandra Eastman says

    This looks amazing, thanks for the review! I’d also love the 3 Tier Food Steamer!

  9. Amy Peschel says

    The stainless steel glass toaster!

  10. Amanda Alvarado says

    I’d love the Rotary Belgium Waffle Maker!

  11. meegan whitford says

    I am in need of a good blender or food processer so either of those items I think

  12. courtney b says

    this would really help my floors! want it!

  13. I love the stainless steel glass toaster

  14. Andrea Williams says

    I would love to have one of their waffle makers. This is something we have been talking about getting and just never got around to it.

  15. I would love the 3 Tier Food Steamer!

  16. Tammie McGinnis says

    I’d really just like the mop because it can go on the carpet and with my grand daughter I constantly have to clean up things off the carpet. I also like the fact that I don’t have to use chemicals because she spends so much of her time on the floor.

  17. Robin Wilson says

    I would love to have their SS toaster!

  18. Vanessa Kneupper says

    Great review of what seems like a fantastic product!

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  21. got to be better than my Shark

  22. I would love to try the STAINLESS STEEL PANINI MAKER too.

  23. looks awesome – I could use this

  24. Having 2 dogs this would come in very handY! I’d also like to try a toaster oven!

  25. It sure looks like it works!

  26. I love the popcorn maker

  27. Holly C. says

    I would also love the waffle maker!

  28. The 18-Bottle Wine Cooler looks amazing, but I never have 18 bottles of wine at one time.. lol

  29. I also like Rotary Belgium Waffle Maker!

  30. Holly C. says

    I would love the waffle maker!

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  32. I would love this for my kitchen and bathroom floors!

  33. I also like the glass toaster. How different!

  34. the waffle maker

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  36. wow i could use them for my floor i hae to get down on hand nee to clean up the floor

  37. Christine H. says

    Just had my first baby – I could use this to help with cleaning!!

  38. The Stainless Steel Panini Maker looks nice. We love making Panini’s, but don’t have a grill for it.

  39. the popcorn maker sounds fun

  40. Felicia Aguilar says

    I’d like to own the stainless steel water kettle. I have a cheap little kettle and it does the job, but it’s bound to break sometime soon. I’d also like to be able to boil or heat more water in the Kalorik one than I currently can in my dollar general one.

  41. the food steamer looks like something I can use

  42. The Combi Mixer looks nice, I’d like it.

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  46. I love try the waffle maker

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  50. Angela Yer says

    I like the indoor/outdoor carry grill!

  51. Kimberly Bauer says

    If I don’t win one I am going to buy one of these. I’m very impressed with the features and how well it works.

  52. I could use a salt and pepper grinder – I bet it’s better than the regular salt and pepper
    I like this one http://www.kalorik.com/site/salt-pepper-mills/ppg-26914.html

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  55. I would love to try one of their slow cookers.

  56. Their Food Processors look awesome!

  57. Molly Bussler says

    I could really use one of these, they look wonderful and easy to use!

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