Babywearing from Day One to Year Three | Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Review and #Giveaway

BBlogoRebecca received the following product for review purposes. All opinions are her own.

I was so excited to receive my BABY BJORN Baby Carrier One. We were planning a camping trip over Labor Day weekend and what better time to try out our new carrier than on a nature walk through the woods? Yes, that would’ve been perfect except…I FORGOT TO PACK IT! Seriously! I could not believe it. I was so frustrated, but forgave myself a bit when I considered I did at least remember to pack diapers. Now that would’ve been a tragedy. But getting back to the important things like how much I love this new carrier! Since I didn’t get to do my trial run on a beautiful mountain path I had to settle for the aisles of my local grocery store. And while the view was not as scenic, the pack did work beautifully!

Baby Carrier OneI’ve recently started letting my little girl sit up in the shopping cart (instead of keeping her strapped in her car seat while we shop), which she loves! She’s growing so fast, and for her sitting up like a “big girl” is the best. On my most recent trip to the grocery store though this proved not to be true. We were 10 minutes into shopping when she was in tears and wanted to be held. Not good. I had a huge list and there was no way I was going to be able to hold her, push the cart, and get my groceries. Then the light bulb went off. That morning before we left the house I’d grabbed the Baby Carrier One and thrown it in the car with us, just in case. I hurried to the front of the store and asked a cashier if I could leave my cart up front for a minute while I ran out to get something from my car. He was so understanding and agreed to make sure my groceries stayed safe from being shelved, without even looking the slightest bit annoyed! (Shout out to my local Fry’s store…their employees are awesome!) I grabbed my baby, and my diaper bag, and hurried to the parking lot. We got to the car, and less than five minutes from leaving the building we were back in the store; Baby happily close to mom, and I was able to have my hands free to continue shopping! (True story, I promise!) I was SO glad I’d thought to bring the carrier with me that morning. I will definitely always have it close by from now on!

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier OneThis carrier is so easy to use. I practiced with it once at home to make sure I knew how the gadgets all worked before I took it with me anywhere, but honestly even if I hadn’t I think I would’ve been able to figure it out in minutes. The straps and fasteners are so easy to use! It easily adjusts to fit baby and me without needing any assistance from anyone else. With my first child I had a carrier (that shall remain nameless) and I kid you not, that that thing had more buckles and straps on it than any pack I’ve ever used. It took forever to get on, and half the time I needed someone else to help me get everything adjusted right. This is not the case with Carrier One! Pull it over your head, set baby in and close two fasteners. The waist and shoulder straps are super easy to adjust too. One of the best features are the padded shoulder and hip straps. Even small babies can feel heavy when you’re carrying them around all day and these padded straps make it so much more comfortable. My seven month old is a “petite” 20 pounds so I’m especially thankful for any cushioning I can get! I’m also glad I can feel comfortable putting my baby in it as well. The material is free from allergens and soft for them too. And it’s machine washable! Thank you for that BABY BJORN…because you KNOW they’re going to spit up (or worse) in there at some point!

Head Support FlapAfter learning more about the features of this carrier I wish I would’ve had one when she was younger as well. It works for infants as small as 8 pounds and up to 35 pounds. I don’t like buying more gear than I have to so something I can use with my child as they grow is a huge plus. The carrier can be used three different ways: baby facing you, baby facing out, and on your back for older children. I haven’t tried carrying her on my back yet, but the informational YouTube video shows how easy even that position is to do on your own. I wondered if I would be able to use that position on my own without someone to help put her in, but after watching the video I know I can easily do it myself.

If you’re in the market for an infant carrier I would definitely recommend this one. It is comfortable for you and your baby and easily adjusts so any caregiver can use it. BABY BJORN has a reputation of quality products that is well deserved, so check out their new carrier!

The Baby Carrier One is available for purchase in stores in October, but you’re in luck… How would you like a chance to win a Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One? Enter to win by completing the rafflecopter form below.Β  Giveaway ends at 12:01am EST on 10/16.
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rebecca1Rebecca is a stay at home mom of three, and married to a wonderful husband. She was an elementary school teacher before staying home after her first child was born, and now is excited to have transitioned to her newest teaching assignment as she homeschools her children. She is actively involved in her church, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends there. Drinking coffee, baking, and trying out new recipes also help to occupy her time.


  1. D SCHMIDT says:

    I like the Bouncer Balance Soft

  2. Anne Perry says:

    Toilet Trainer

  3. One Southern Girl says:

    I’d love to have their cradle! πŸ™‚

  4. Nicole-Lynn says:

    The Babysitter Balance Bouncer is another Baby Bjorn product I would like to try sometime! I love the front/back option of this carrier. I’m expecting my first baby (girl!) in November. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Maria Elena Dominguez says:

    I would live the bjorn babysitter balance (bouncer) . This carrier looks awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Maria Elena Dominguez says:

    The Travel crib light 2 looks like it’d be great to travel with unlike the other bulky ones.

  7. Maria Elena Dominguez says:

    I always wanted to get the bjorne original but this one looks way more comfy for baby and for my back.

  8. I would love to own a BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft.

  9. Maria Elena Dominguez says:

    The soft bib looks like amess saver!

  10. tiffany dover says:

    I would love to have the miracle

  11. I’d love to have the Travel Light Crib 2 – it looks fantastic for taking trips with a baby or toddler! Amazing that it only weighs 11 pounds.
    On a side note – your daughter looks adorable in the review pictures. πŸ™‚

  12. Jennifer Y. says:

    I would buy the Sun Cover for Baby Carrier to go along with the Bojorn baby carrier one (this carrier sounds amazing!). It would be of use many months of the year here in the southwest!

  13. Maria Elena Dominguez says:

    The cradle looks really nice, wish I would’ve seen it when my baby was little. Too bad they’re only used for a small amount of time

  14. jenn McClearn says:

    I would love a travel crib light 2, it would be great for trips to FL with the kids πŸ™‚

  15. Love the high chair

  16. tiffany dover says:

    The safe step would be great for us!

  17. I would love to own the BabyBjorn Balance Bouncer..

  18. Tiffany Dover says:

    I’d also like to have the Wooden Toy for Babysitter

    • Tiffany Dover says:

      It’s after midnight my time so I’m not sure why it says I posted this on the 9th at 10:25pm. I hope this counts for my entry on the 10th NOT the 9th.

  19. Jennifer Y. says:

    The bib for baby carrier one would be helpful!

  20. I’ve heard the Babysitter Balance is amazing- I’d love to try that! It would also make a great baby shower gift. πŸ™‚

  21. Mariaelena Dominguez says:

    I like the balance bouncer

  22. I would love the BabyBjorn Cradle.

  23. Maria Elena Dominguez says:

    Bjorn balance Looks like a great product and ive heard good reviews on it

  24. I’d love to try the new Booster Chair! I’ve been looking for a low-profile booster to fit at our table, and this one looks perfect.

  25. Tiffany Dover says:

    the babysitter balance would be awesome to have

  26. MariaElena Dominguez says:

    All their products seem great.

  27. Tthe BabyBjorn Balance Bouncer is another item I would like

  28. I would like to have the Baby Balance Sitter. I like that it isn’t bulky but still looks like it would hold baby for a long time.

  29. MariaElena Dominguez says:

    I like that they have covers you can use with the carriers to keep baby warm or covered from the sun.

  30. I like the Baby Bjorn Cradle.

  31. Tiffany Dover says:

    I’d love the travel crib light 2

  32. jenn McClearn says:

    I wold love to have a travel crib light 2 :0)

  33. The Balance Soft Bouncer is something I would like.

  34. Tiffany Dover says:

    the original carrier in blue would be awesome too!

  35. Mariaelena Dominguez says:

    Love the raspberry color carrier!

  36. Melinda Stephens says:

    I’d love to own the Travel Crib Light 2.

  37. I would like to get the Bouncer Balance Soft!

  38. I like most Baby Bjorn products. I would love their cradle for the early months.

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