Stuck On You Personalized Products- Review and #Giveaway

We were provided the following products to facilitate our review. All opinions expressed are our own.

logoDuring the Back 2 School Bash I shared the company, Stuck on You, with you guys.  At the time I was anxiously awaiting our review items.  We’ve since received our personalized  library bags, drink bottle, and sock labels, and we LOVE them!

Library BagWe go to the library nearly every week (and weekly during the summertime).  My kids are huge readers and usually check out their limit of books when we go to the library, which makes it hard to carry it all.  When Connor was littler I’d take the stroller with us and we could put all of the books in the storage area, but now that he’s bigger and we don’t need the stroller when we go to the library, we have to improvise.  We’ve used plastic grocery bags (which tore from the weight of all of the books), small canvas book bags (which were way too small to hold all of the books the kids got), but nothing has quite worked like we wanted.   These library bags from Stuck On You are perfect!  They are just the right size to fit all of the books in, plus they have handy pull straps to close the bag at the top and turn it into a backpack style bag which make carrying the books a lot easier.

Large size library bag

Pull StringAND, they’re personalized, which makes the kids even more thrilled about them!  Since I loved almost all of the different personalizations, I let the kid decide what color bag they’d get, what design image they’d get, and which font they wanted their name in.  I know they had as much fun picking as I did just playing on the site!  I love the inside lining too!

Library Bag Lining

These bags have also been taken to church stuffed with books and coloring books for during church- and play clothes for after, of course- with room to spare.  They also work great to hold clothes, toothbrush, etc, when the kids stay the night at Grammy’s house.

The next product we are LOVING is the stainless steel drink bottle, which I personalized for my just-turned-3-year-old, Connor.

Stainless Steel Drinking BottleConnor is your typical, clumsy kid.  Long ago we tossed all of the sippy cups because they were a pain to clean, took up so much space in the cabinets, and -most of all- little boy was “too big” for sippy cups.  Although we deal with spills on a regular basis, it’s not been that big of a deal.  BUT, this kid is a huge water drinker and wakes me up in the middle of the night every.single.night for a drink.  I’d resorted to bringing his cup into my bedroom at night and giving it to him when he needed a drink, but he still was waking me up to get it.  Mama loves her sleep and getting woken up stinks. What to do?  I didn’t want to leave his cup in his room, because I KNEW it would end in a soaked carpet from being spilled, so I resorted to the fact that I’d be woken up nightly for a while longer.  Thankfully, the Stuck On You drink bottle has come to the rescue!  With it’s flip top lid and closeable spout, I don’t have to worry about spills! Last night, for the first night in I-can’t-think-of-how-long, I didn’t get woken up by him for a drink.  Hallelujah!

LOVES his water bottle

Aside from how much I love it, it’s probably most important to know that he adores it.  He totes it around with him, tells everyone who comes near enough to look at his “new water bottle”, and proudly smiles at me every time he drinks out of it (which is non-stop right now because it’s new and awesome).  I never realized how exciting a new drinking bottle could be but- let’s be honest- a drinking bottle with your name on it, and aliens (monsters?) driving race cars is pretty stinkin’ cool; especially when you’re a 3-year-old boy.

water bottleOther awesome things about the stainless steel drinking bottle:

-BPA free

-Holds 500ml (over 16 oz) of liquid

At first the cap was a bit tight, but it literally took a few times flipping it open and closed and it was loosened up. Phew.  The only bummer for me is that I need to go out and purchase a bottle brush to clean it with, since the opening is too small for my hand or my sponge to fit into.  A minor issue, easily taken care of with a trip to the baby aisle at the store.

Lastly, I chose to order the sock labels.  Someday I’ll need TONS of these because I have 3 boys who will all be wearing the same socks in the same size.

Sock LabelIn the meantime my current issue is that my 9-year-old’s feet are almost as big as my husband’s feet (insane!), and so their socks look nearly identical.  There is only one defining factor, and that is the width of the grey part on the toe of the sock.  I abhor laundry- especially folding laundry- so you can imagine how I feel about having to inspect each sock carefully to see which match up and which do not.  I am SO thankful to have these sock labels to eliminate that portion of laundry!  Now I know the ones with the labels belong to my son, and the others belong to my husband.  I couldn’t love Stuck On You more… 🙂

Applying the labels is super easy.  Peel a label, place it face up on the sock, cover with supplied parchment paper and iron with a dry iron on medium-hot heat for 10 seconds.  Repeat as necessary to ensure all edges are firmly applied.  It took me no time at all, and the time I’m saving sorting and inspecting socks feels like an eternity to me! Yeah!!

Sock LabelsPersonalizing your items from Stuck On You is so easy, and SO fun! Would you like to win a Personalized Lunchbox and see just how fun and easy it is (and adorable too)!?

Personalized LunchboxEnter to win by completing the rafflecopter form below.  Giveaway ends at 12:01am EST on 9/30.  Good luck!!
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  1. I think I would pick as follows Colour Navy Design Monster Derby Font Cocoa

  2. Those are so cute! I love it! Now to check out all they have and enter this great giveaway! Thanks 🙂

  3. I didn’t know they had SOCK LABELS!?! That’s so cool that you can iron them right on, what a great idea!

  4. navy robot… we have the robot on grey pajama bottoms!!

  5. Colleen Maurina says

    I would choose the Navy Lunch Box with the Red Tractor Design.

  6. Amanda Alvarado says

    I’d get it in pink with probably the fairy design.

  7. The NAVY w my son’s Name. Cute.

  8. I like the ladybug

  9. Navy with the jungle theme.. maybe

  10. I’d choose the pink lunchbox with spring nest design. Thanks.

  11. Navy with the Paris theme…probably. 🙂

  12. I’d probably go with the Navy with the picture of a dinosaur driving a car. 🙂

  13. Dora Thomsan says

    With the help of personalised name labels, we can design our kid’s stuff more beautiful. This type of personalised product is too much lovable by the kids because we can use there favourite superheroes design on it. Thank you so much for sharing this blog with us.

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