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polarpillow-logoI was sent the following product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Here in Arizona it’s hot (in case you didn’t know, haha).  To avoid high electric bills we keep our a/c set higher than we’d like, and sometimes trying to sleep when it’s warmer than you want can be very difficult.  We just deal because, well, we have no other choice; or so we thought!

Polar PillowThe Polar Pillow is the cooling, calming, sleep-inducing gel pillow! Aside from being a welcomed comfort on hot nights, the Polar Pillow has many benefits for a good night of sleep. Scientific studies have shown that a ‘cool sleep’ has many great benefits, and we all know a good night of sleep is important for our overall health and well being!  Of course, there are certain people who would benefit more from the Polar Pillow than others- athletes, menopausal women, highly stressed people, and children- but the comfort of a cool pillow is great for anyone!

Did you know that a standard pillow actually transfers heat and warms your skin temperature? That’s never fun, but especially when it’s already hot. Yuck. The Polar Pillow provides coolness and stays cool for hours. 

Pillow and cooling packIt comes with a turbo-cooling pack which you place in the freezer until you’re ready to use it.  Insert the pack into the center pocket of the pillow, lay on the light blue side of the pillow and experience the coolness in just seconds!

PocketSince it’s cooling off here in Phoenix (finally!) we don’t have the same need for ‘extra’ cooling in the pillow.  Sleeping without the cooling pack still offers a cooler night of rest, just not the extra coolness the cooling pack offers.  The gel portion of the pillow is quite comfortable; not as plush and cushy as I usually prefer, but I slept really well on it and surprised myself. 🙂  There are only 2 downsides. First, I wish this pillow were bigger.  It is only 20 inches by 13 inches, about half the size of a standard pillows.  This made it a bit hard for me to get comfortable at first (I’m a tosser and turner), but once I did I was okay.  The pillow is designed compact so it has a concentrated cooling effect, but I’d love it to be even a little bit bigger. Next, the pillow is super heavy. It weighs nearly 10 pounds, and that’s without the frozen pack added to it.  While it’s nice that it stays put where you place it, it’s crazy heavy to move, put a pillowcase on, etc.

Speaking of pillowcases; We were also sent the PolarPillowCase. It’s made with 90% Tencel and 10% spandex, and it’s super soft and cozy. I love it. I wish all of my pillowcases were this soft and cozy!  Other features of the pillowcase are:

  • Ultra-soft, moisture-wicking fabric made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees.   
  • Naturally breathable – enhancing the cooling effects of your PolarPillow.  
  • Anti-bacterial for especially sensitive skin.  
  • Custom-fit to PolarPillow’s unique size.

I can see this pillow being a great benefit when we’re sick and have fevers, especially my kids.  Sometimes their fevers get so high (especially at night) and they make me nervous.  This will be a welcomed help to keep them more comfortable while keeping those fevers down while they sleep- and give me some extra peace of mind!  The PolarPillow is also great to ease headaches.

Holiday Button 200Whether you have a family member who becomes an oven when they sleep (we have a few in my family!), a loved one who suffers from migraines, or friends living in a warm climate who would welcome the relief of a cooler night’s sleep, the PolarPillow is a fantastic gift idea!  Check out their website to purchase one, and be sure to like PolarPillow on Facebook and follow PolarPillow on Twitter for additional valuable info, giveaways and more!

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  1. I know my son would really like a new pillow like that. We had one back in MN, but left it there. He really loved his. As i was looking at the picture I thought it looked a bit small for me, but I bet for my son it would be just the right size. We’re well cooled off here, but I know he’d love that in the summer.

  2. karen medlin says

    I have seen these before and wasn’t sure if they worked. Being a little on the compact size, it would be nice to have it close to your head when you sleep. I toss and turn in the night and flip my pillows to a cooler side. I think this would be nice also to use when someone is running a temp to help cool the body down.. Thank you for the review

  3. We have one of these and it is AMAZING! Hubby gets really hot while he sleeps, and uses it year round, even when it’s snowing outside. 🙂

  4. I want/need one of these pillows so bad!!!

  5. This pillow sounds awesome! I wake frequently at night because I feel too hot and flip my pillow over to the “cool” side…. perhaps I could sleep longer with this! AND I love your idea about helping with fevers – genius.

  6. I think my husband would love this!

  7. That is such a smart idea! I could really use one of those here in the summer.

  8. My hubby would definitely love to have a pillow like this! He is always flipping his pillow over to the cooler side!

  9. That is a great idea for a pillow. I love sleeping a little warmer (usually curled up in a comforter), but i find i’m always trying to find a cool spot on my pillow!


  1. […] was also able to review a PolarPillow. Head over and read her review […]

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