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BBlogoRebecca received the following product for review purposes. All thoughts expressed are her own.

Even though my family doesn’t travel a whole lot, a portable crib has always been on my list of must haves for my babies.  And over the years the one we had has gotten quite a bit of use.  From my own kids to out of town guests, we’ve had lots of little kiddos in our play/sleep crib.  It’s stayed in great shape through all three of my children, the only problem is it was such a pain to put together.  In fact, in five years I was never once able to put it together by myself….shhh don’t tell.  Aren’t mom’s supposed to have some sixth sense that allows them to use all baby gear?  Well, this mom definitely didn’t magically get that skill just because I had kids.  My husband always had to put our travel crib together for me, and even he would get annoyed with how user friendly it wasn’t.  This one reason alone was why when I watched the YouTube video of how to set up the BABYBJORN travel crib I immediately wanted one.  In the video it was less than 30 seconds and the crib was set up.  Now, I figured seeing as I’m baby gear challenged it would probably take me a little longer than that, but even if it took me five minutes I would still be further ahead than I was with my current crib.

Travel Crib light 2Needless to say I was excited our BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light 2 arrived at our house.  When I opened up the box and saw how compact the carrying case was I was a little concerned that the size of the crib was going to be a little smaller than I was expecting.  But, I was wrong!  It just folds up into a super compact size which makes it great for storing and for taking with you wherever you need it. 

Crib in carrying caseIt is also very lightweight, my 3 year old was even able to pick up the case.  (He was very impressed with how strong he was when he did it too!)  As I opened up the box and began to look for instructions on how to put the crib together I couldn’t find any.  Then I realized on the package there was a series of three pictures and those three pictures were the instructions.  Seriously, that’s it.  And you know what?  That’s all you needed.  Even I could figure it out from that!  And I’m proud to say that after I removed all of the packaging and actually tried to set it up I had it together in less than one minute.  It’s ok to be impressed…trust me!  This is proof that this crib is very easy to set up.  Believe me if I can do it, I think pretty much anyone can figure this out. 

Travel crib set upPutting it away was simple too.  There are picture directions for that as well on the bottom of the crib. Packing it up takes a little longer than the set up, but not much. And once again even I did that all by myself 🙂 

I also was very impressed with the crib sheet from BABYBJORN as well.  It is extremely soft organic cotton and fits the mattress perfectly.  No loose fabric, but not so tight that it is difficult to put on.  The sheet is so soft, I wish they made one big enough for my own bed.

Travel crib top viewThis travel crib is smaller than my old one, but it definitely has plenty of room for it’s intended purpose.  I was not only impressed with it’s ease of use, but it was sturdy as well.  With such a simple set up I wondered if it would be stable, but the mattress in the base keeps it firmly on the ground even with my little girl in it.  She would NOT stay still and kept moving around as soon as I put her in it so I couldn’t get any pictures of her using the crib that weren’t blurry.  But I guess even that is good news because it means that it is able to handle a sleeping baby and one that was definitely wide awake and mobile.

I’ve used many BABYBJORN products and have continued to be impressed with their quality and ease of use.  I appreciate a company that realizes parents and caregivers are busy enough and need the things they use to care for their children to be uncomplicated.  They also need those things to keep their children safe and be built to last.  BABYBJORN consistently lives up to those standards.

Check out Rebecca’s review of the Baby Carrier One and the Babysitter Balance Bouncer, and check out my review of the Booster Seat. We LOVE BABYBJORN products!

Holiday Button 200Amanda also received a product from Baby Bjorn. Check out her review of the Baby Bjorn Booster Seat (coming soon), and enter to win one there too!

Would you love to own an awesome Travel Light Crib for your home or holiday travels?! Enter to win one now by completing the rafflecopter form below! Giveaway ends at 12:01am EST on 12/9.  Good luck!

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rebecca1Rebecca is a stay at home mom of three, and married to a wonderful husband. She was an elementary school teacher before staying home after her first child was born, and now is excited to have transitioned to her newest teaching assignment as she homeschools her children. She is actively involved in her church, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends there. Drinking coffee, baking, and trying out new recipes also help to occupy her time.


  1. amy pugmire says

    I love the babysitter balance soft.

  2. joanna garcia says

    i would love their high chair or the cradle!

  3. The babysitter balance

  4. Colleen Maurina says

    I also really like their Babybjorn Bouncer Balance Soft.

  5. Darlene Owen says

    I also like the High Chair

  6. I like the babysitter balance.

  7. Teresa Honores says

    i love the cradle!!

  8. The tolet trainer

  9. joanna garcia says

    i love the Babybjorn Bouncer Balance Soft.

  10. Teresa Honores says

    i love the high chair!

  11. Carrie Phelps says

    It would be fabulous to have the Babysitter Balance for the infant I care for.

  12. This would be a great thing to have as a grandma. When the babies come over, they will have a place to sleep!

  13. Colleen Maurina says

    I would also like to have their BabyBjorn Cradle.

  14. I think the baby carrier would also be great for my baby.

  15. Lauren Becker says

    I really like the babysitter bouncer!

  16. I like the Safe Step

  17. I’d love the love the Babybjorn Bouncer Balance

  18. the potty chair would be awesome really soon for my son. nice and basic!

  19. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love their Cradle!

  20. Babysitter Balance.

  21. joanna garcia says

    i love the baby carrier one

  22. I’d like the Baby Carrier One for my sister who is expecting.

  23. I like the high chair!

  24. Teresa Honores says

    i love the balance bouncer soft!

  25. I really like the design of the high chair as well! Its not huge like a lot of them that I have seen.

  26. joanna garcia says

    love the safe step

  27. My daughter will need the Smart Potty very soon

  28. I also love the cradle, perfect for newborns that you want to keep close to you.

  29. Teresa Honores says

    love the smart potty!

  30. joanna garcia says

    i love the safe step!

  31. Teresa Honores says

    love the booster chair!

  32. I like the toilet trainer.

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  33. joanna garcia says

    i love using their soft bibs!

  34. Teresa Honores says

    i love the plate and spoon set!

  35. The booster chair

  36. Meghan Finley says

    I also really love the cradle

  37. joanna garcia says

    i love the baby cup!

  38. Teresa Honores says

    the eat and play smock is awesome!

  39. I want to try the Baby carrier one.

  40. I like babysitter balance

  41. joanna garcia says

    the safe step is nice too!

  42. Teresa Honores says

    love the cradle and the canopy!

  43. The baby carrier one.

  44. Mariaelena Dominguez says

    The booster looks nice and simple

  45. joanna garcia says

    love the baby carrier active!

  46. Teresa Honores says

    love the high chair!

  47. I would love the Babysitter Balance for our next baby. It looks so simple and practical.

  48. joanna garcia says

    i love the cradle!

  49. Teresa Honores says

    the baby carrier one!

  50. I would also like the Soft Bib

  51. safe step

  52. I really need the travel light crib for Christmas this year but a booster would be awesome to have at home for my boys. No more pillows at the dinner table would be nice.

  53. I would also like the Eat and Play Smock

  54. Mariaelena Dominguez says

    I like the booster chair for my son

  55. joanna garcia says

    love the potty chair

  56. Teresa Honores says

    love the bib!

  57. I would also love the Sun Cover for Baby Carrier.

  58. joanna garcia says

    the high chair and the cradle (along with this travel crib) are my fave items from baby bjorn!

  59. My daughter is almost ready for their Booster.

  60. Teresa Honores says

    the eat and play smock would be great for eating and art projects!

  61. I would really like to own the Baby Bjorn cradle. We need a new bassinet for our new baby and this one looks very modern and safe.

  62. Mariaelena Dominguez says

    The cradle would’ve been great for when my baby was smaller

  63. joanna garcia says

    i love the sun cover for the carrier great idea!

  64. Teresa Honores says

    love the wooden toy for the babysitter!

  65. We could also use their Safe Step.

  66. love the baby carrier miracle

  67. Mariaelena Dominguez says

    The babysitter seems like a good bouncer!

  68. joanna garcia says

    baby bjorn products are awesome love the booster chair!

  69. Teresa Honores says

    the baby carrier miracle is also great!

  70. I also love the Baby Bjorn High Chair

  71. Cassandra Eastman says

    The High Chair would be really nice too!

  72. The bouncer balance soft looks good!


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