Toys For Boys- TrashPack Playsets and MicroChargers Hyper Dome | 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

We were sent the following products for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own.

Boys in general like gross things.  My boys are no different, and if you have boys you know  I really don’t need to go into detail…  Of course they love the Trashpack products, focused on all things gross and disgusting.  From vehicles to playsets, trading cards and even accessories, your child can be totally set with all the grossness you he can handle.

We were sent the Burger Flip Out, a play set that can be used alone or built on to using other play sets available. 

 Burger Flip Out

Build up the streets of the Trash Town with the disgusting Burger Flip Out Play Set! You can flip ’em, drive thru and crash out at this mucky burger joint! Lift up your Trash Wheelie on the flipper then roll ’em down the Drive Thru ramp. But don’t fall through the broken road or you’re TOAST! Fully connectable with other Trash Wheels sets, this set comes with 2 exclusive Trash Wheelies and a Collector’s Guide.

There are a few pieces to assemble, but it’s quick and easy.  While the boys (especially my 3-year-old) like the flipper most (more for flipping the cars across the room rather than lifting and releasing to be rolled down on the ramp), they do play with this set for decent bouts of time. 

Ready to launch

Ready to launch!

However, this set is pretty small, so to really be able to get much play it needs to be built on to with the other sets.  I can see that it would allow for hours of entertainment once it were built up and had more play area to utilize.  Either way, my boys love the Trash Wheelies (cars) and play with them quite a bit, and with the affordable prices of the assorted playsets we’ll be able to really deck them out with all they need.

Next, we were able to review the all new MicroChargers Hyper Dome Track

Micro Chargers Light Racers Hyper Dome

My boys were beyond excited for this.  Assembly with this was also quick, and once we added AAA batteries to the Hand Held Chargers they were all ready to go!

They love watching the cars drive around the dome 360 degrees at fast speeds and waiting to see whose car would survive longest. 

BattleThey were even more excited when they took the Hyper Dome into their bedroom, shut out the lights and watched it light up; glow in the dark pieces make every toy better!

My boys have had a blast with the Hyper Dome Track, but even my daughter and 3-year-old son are loving it too. When dad got home, even he commented on how awesome it was, and took his turn racing too.

FunThere’s just one thing that I was bothered by about this.  It’s promoted as a track to “battle” and “race” two cars on, but it only comes with one Quick Charge Car and one Hand Held Charger.  If you want to battle or race, you have to purchase a Launcher Pack, which includes a Hand Held Charger and a Quick Charge Car.  Since we had an additional Hyper Dome Tracks (thus, additional Quick Charge Car and Hand Held Charger), the boys were able to battle.

I was a bit worried about the small cars getting lost, until my boys showed me that wasn’t an issue.  The chargers have a spot on them to store the cars in when not being used. Love it!

Store carThis track is fun on it’s own, but to make for even more fun this set can be added to other MicroChargers tracks to create a super cool mega circuit.  After taking a turn at racing, and then seeing a photo of the mega circuit on the Hyper Dome box, I’m pretty sure my husband is thinking we need to get more MicroChargers tracks to put under the tree this Christmas!

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  1. That does look like fun! And it’s helpful to know that multiple sets are best for prolonged play.

  2. joanna garcia says

    aww that sucks that you have to buy something separate from the Hyper Dome Track to play racing, even though it looks like a great toy! thanks for the recs!

  3. Teresa Honores says

    great recommendations! its so hard for me to get stuff for my nephews! they are big enough that small pieces are ok!

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