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When buying gifts for our kids for the holidays we generally plan on buying toys.  We like to get them practical things too, but toys are always at the top of the list because, what kid doesn’t love toys?!  The only problem is, we often buy things we see on commercials or in magazines because it’s what we know (plus we’re trying to get in and out of the stores during the crazy holiday rush), and we miss out on other awesome toys that aren’t as widely promoted. 

Spin Master has quite a few brands under their belt, with tons of amazing products.  Some are promoted on television or magazines, others I haven’t seen before.  We were recently sent a few different toys from Spin Master to review; some were brands we know but don’t always remember about when it comes time to shop, some were new to us, but all of them were a huge hit with the kids. 

We have always been fans of Air Hogs, but the Atmosphere was one we’d never seen before.  I knew my kids would like this.

AirHogs Atmosphere

This powerful levitating sphere requires no remote control and hovers above any surface! Its spherical shape allows the Atmosphere to smoothly bounce off walls and ceilings for non-stop flight. You are the controller with the high-tech hovering power of the Air Hogs Atmosphere!

Atmosphere- ForceThis is lots of fun, but to make it even more fun we’d really love to see it with a remote control.  Because there is no remote, the sphere goes where-ever, and at times it can get away from you.  The charger has a ‘kill switch’ on it, and it can be a race to hit the button to keep the sphere from going over a wall, into a fan, or in the dog’s water bowl.  Despite that, the kids still loving playing with it!  It is pretty fun to watch it hover in mid-air; my 9-year-old loves to say he’s “using the force”… 🙂

My boys- especially my 6 y/o- LOVE Spy Gear products.  My 6 y/o spent his Christmas gift card last year on Spy Gear, so you can imagine his excitement when he saw the Panosphere 360 Spy Cam and the Spike Mic Launcher.

spy gearSo here’s what’s so cool about these products;

First, the 360 Spy Cam is a true camera with a memory card! Place it on a surface, stick on a surface, or strap on to a surface (like your bike) and flip the switch to start recording, or flip the switch the other way to take photos (1 per second). 

suction cupstrapWhen you’re done (or when the memory card is full) simply plug in the camera to your computer using the included USB cable.  You may view the photos and videos OR edit using the included editing software!  The lens on the camera can be rotated to film in the direction needed.

Next, the Spike Mic Launcher does just that- Launches a sticky mic dart onto a surface. Once the dart is stuck to the surface you can begin to listen with your headphones (which are not included so you’ll need to get some).  The end of the sticky dart has a sticky surface which allows it to stick to surfaces, and can be cleaned with water.  A suction cup mic dart is also included, and while it does not launch from the launcher, can be stuck by hand onto the proper surface.  The mic is on the opposite end of the dart head.

dart heads and micOf course we have to have a product for the girls, right?!  Check out the Hyper Happy Mall, part of the Kawaii Crush line of products! 

kawaii crush hyper happy mallThis, again, was another new product to us, but my daughter has had a blast playing with it.  The mall has a moving elevator, over 40 accessories for play, and an exclusive Kawaii Crush doll, Holly Molly Shop Shop!  It’s bright and colorful, the interchangeable outfits and accessories are so much fun, and she loves that even the animals have accessories. 

Mall and accessoriesMy only concern with this product are the tiny pieces.  Like most kids, my daughter has a habit of leaving her toys on her bedroom floor, and she’s already had to look closely to try and find all of the pieces from this set when she is cleaning her room. So far we’ve been able to find them all, and I have her keeping them in a plastic baggie while she isn’t playing with them. Hopefully this will continue to work to keep all of the pieces intact.  If you have little ones in the house, be sure and keep this toy from them, as the pieces would pose a choking hazard.

Lastly, a product for the entire family! If you’re not a new reader of Full Time Mama, you’ll know how much we love games.  I’d never heard of Boom Boom Balloon, but I can’t wait to play it with the kids on Christmas (or sooner, if I cave).

Boom Boom BalloonIt’s Boom Boom Balloon, the crazy game where you take turns keeping the balloon from popping! Roll the die, and carefully push in a stick until it clicks. Watch as the balloon changes shape – will the next click make it pop? It’s the ultimate game of anticipation where you never know when the balloon will go BOOM!

Spin Master offers tons of other brands as well, so if you’re looking for toy ideas for your kids, be sure and check out Spin Master!! 

Holiday Button 200Amanda also received the Kawaii Crush Hyper Happy Mall. Read her review and find out her thoughts!


  1. Thanks for the gift ideas! I especially love the spy items, and the balloon game looks like a fun addition to family game night!

  2. joanna garcia says

    i love the boom boom game and the atmosphere! great gift ideas!

  3. Teresa Honores says

    i would be concerned about the tiny pieces too with the holly molly shop so therefore i would get the balloon game or the spy bike cam!

  4. I think my boys would enjoy the levitating sphere a lot they love things that can fly

  5. That Atmosphere looks so cool! I definitely would want a remote control for it, though! Thanks for sharing.

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