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ninjalogoWe were sent the following for review purposes. All thoughts expressed are my own.

If you’ve been reading my blog at all in the past year, you know I kinda like to cook.  I love to try new recipes, I love to see your fantastic recipes, I love to create new recipes… Food is good.

Know what else is good? Products that make cooking easier.  As a busy mom I love it when I find products that make food prep easier and quicker and that save me time overall.  The Ninja Ultima Blender is one such product.

Ninja Ultima BlenderThe Ninja Ultima blender is equipped with a 1500 Watt / 2.5 Peak Horsepower Motor to power through the toughest ingredients.  Ninja’s expansive speed range offers everything from gentle blending to total crushing to complete juicing. You can easily adjust to the correct speed without worry of over mixing or processing. This precision blending is backed by a 2.5 peak horsepower motor, and is the only blender with dual stage blending. 

What is Dual Stage Blending?  Two sets of blades that work together to crush nearly anything you put into the blender. 

dual-stage-features-tabThe top blades-Total Crushing Blades- rotate at 5,000 RPM and CRUSH whole fruits, vegetables, seeds & ice. The bottom blades- High Speed Cyclonic Blades- rotate independently at 24,000 RPM to liquefy ingredients into a silky smooth consistency in a matter of seconds (yay for no grit consistency)!

I wanted to wait until Christmas to break this out and share with my husband, but when we were asked to bring salsa to our family friends’ house for dinner I decided it was time to bring it out and let him put it to it’s first test.  The first thing he said when I pulled it out of the box…? “That thing looks COOL!”  Yes, it looks pretty sweet, but how would it perform?

My husband makes really, really, really good salsa, so he’s a pro at what it needs, how much it needs, how long it takes, etc. We usually make the salsa in our food processor, so I was curious to see how different the Ninja would be especially since the Ninja website says that, because of the pro-variable speed, the Ninja Ultima Blender replaces a food processor, (as well as hand mixer, juicer, ice crusher, soup maker, and more)!  After a little prep he was ready to put the Ninja Ultima Blender to the test.

pre blendI was shocked at how fast and easy the Ninja made this job.  I am not kidding when I say that he literally pressed the pulse button less than 10 times and everything was the perfect consistency. What normally would have taken him 30 minutes or more to complete took him half the time with the Ninja.  SO awesome!

stages of blendingWe can’t wait to try the Ninja Ultima Blender to make some juices for our family.  Since it comes with 3 Single Serve Cups with Sip & Seal™ lids, we’ll be able to make plenty for all of us, or make a quick and healthy juice in the morning, slap on the sip & seal lid and take a healthy drink to go. 

sip & seal lidWhat I love best about this is that we don’t need a separate blender for these single serve cups; the blending is built in to the same base as the full size blender!

same base single serve blendingOther cool features of the Ninja Ultima:

-Pour Spout that is built in to the pitcher lid.

Pour spout in lid-Safety Interlock Design to lock the pitcher onto the motor base.

-XL 72 oz. Pitcher, which is more capacity than professional blenders in the market! It’s also durable, stain resistant & BPA Free.

If it doesn’t appear to have everything you think you’ll need, don’t worry… Ninja Ultima blender offers accessories and attachments for even more versatility! Shop & compare to see which accessories and attachments work best for you.

Because of the huge versatility of this blender, you can create endless recipes from complete nutrient juices to dips to purees & so much more.  The Ninja website even offers tons of recipes to try with the blender, including healthy recipes.

We can’t wait to test it out even more, try some awesome recipes, and see what other appliances it may replace. Just don’t tell our beloved food processor… It’s been good to us.

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  1. Robin Wilson says

    I just had to add my two cents! My son got one of these for his birthday and it is the most awesome blender I have ever seen in my life! It works like a charm, does everything you say it does and it cleans up in the dishwasher like new! It may cost more than other blenders, but this is one case where you most certainly do get what you pay for! Worth every cent!

    • Thanks for that, Robin! It’s so hard to be able to add every little bit of what I want to say into a review (I’m already windy enough, haha)! Thank you for sharing these other great features, AND for giving your feedback on how awesome this blender is! 🙂
      As for the cost… It is a bit more than boring old basic blenders, but it actually costs less than other blenders “like” it (won’t name names, but I’m sure many know which I’m talking about). 😉

  2. this is awesome. we need a blender, ours just broke and i want a veggie smoothie! thanks for the great review.


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