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For me, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Hickory Farms.  My grandparents send us a Hickory Farms gift every year at the holidays and let me tell you, we look forward to it!  Hickory Farms has been a part of my holidays for as long as I can remember.  Perhaps it’s been that way for you too.

Hickory Farms began in 1951 on a farm in Ohio by Richard Ransom.  It began with hand cut cheeses, but as that took off Mr Ransom added the famous summer sausage, and then mustards and crackers, and it boomed even more. Since then, the company’s focus on personalized service, customer satisfaction and quality have become legendary.  They’ve dedicated themselves to finding new ways to deliver the wholesome goodness and authenticity of Hickory Farms, starting with new gift boxes and improved product quality.  That’s not all, however…

We’re also working hard to be a better global citizen. We’ve modified our packaging to eliminate waste, using more environmentally friendly materials. And we are committed to a unique partnership with Share our Strength, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America.

Any time I see a company striving to make a better world- both in environmental efforts and humanitarian efforts- I’m even happier to support them.  These reasons just make me all the more excited to be a customer of Hickory Farms.

Cheddar FlightI was very excited to be able to promote Hickory Farms as part of our Holiday Gift Guide this year, and to be able to review one of the customer favorites; the Cheddar Flight with Salami (pictured above).  This box comes with the following:

-5 Oz Apple Smoked Cheddar With Paprika
-5 Oz Smoked Garlic Cheddar
-5 Oz Classic Cheddar
-5 Oz 3 Year Aged Cheddar
-7 Oz Dry Aged Salami

Handcrafted in the heart of Wisconsin, these natural cheddar cheeses are the jewels in our new Reserve lineup. An award-winner many times over, you’ll love how the Apple Smoked Cheddar has a mild flavor with a spicy finish from the hand-rubbed paprika rind. Our Garlic Smoked Cheddar is a delicate blend of flavors that give way to a smoky finish. The Classic Cheddar is handmade by our Master Cheese Maker in small batches then cured for three months for a creamy texture. And if you love sharp floral notes with a tangy finish, look no further than beneath the hand-dipped wax of our 3 Year Aged Cheddar. For mouth-watering enjoyment, pair these Wisconsin cheddar cheeses with our dry-cured salami handcrafted from selected cuts of pork and expertly flavored with red wine. Once you try them all together, you’ll agree nothing draws out the flavors of artisanal cheeses like the salty, savory goodness of a fine salami.

It took all of 5.2 seconds before the box was opened and we were sampling the salami and cheeses. The salami tasted amazing, as always, but I was really thrilled with the different flavored cheeses.  We love cheddar cheese, but these were so so much better than just your normal cheddar. Each of them has a unique flavor (unique as in different, not bad) without being overpowering- just the right amount of added flavor.

Apple smoked cheddar and salamiI fully expected every bit of it to be gone in about 10 minutes, but we managed to hold back the kids (and ourselves) from eating all of the cheeses.  The salami-on the other hand- didn’t stand a chance.  We’ve been nibbling on the cheese a bit at a time, and though most of it was gone, half of the aged cheddar and the garlic cheddar were left.  Earlier this week we received our Hickory Farms gift from my grandparents, so when we had company the other night we broke out the box (yes, we managed to keep it sealed for a day or two) and we all enjoyed summer sausage, cheese, crackers and sweet hot mustard as an appetizer- not much survived the night.  YUM. 

free for allIf you’ve had Hickory Farms before, you know the quality is exceptional.  Trust me, we’ve tried our fair share of other brand summer sausages and cheeses and nothing compares, proven by the speed in which the food disappears, (unless I hide it, of course).

Give the gift of a delicious Hickory Farms package this holiday!  They have tons of gift baskets and gift boxes to suit whatever you’re looking for, be it many cheeses, summer sausage and crackers, mustards, fruits and nuts, and more.  You can check for a location near you that sells Hickory Farms (we always have one in the mall during the holidays) or you can purchase online and have it shipped direct!

Be sure to like Hickory Farms on Facebook, and follow Hickory Farms on Twitter and Pinterest to stay updated on all the deliciousness!

Holiday Button 200Amanda was sent a Hickory Farms box to review as well. Check out her review and see what she thought!


  1. joanna garcia says

    OMG i love when i receive or buy this it disappears in our house within seconds! LOVE IT

  2. Teresa Honores says

    did not know they were eco-friendly that is great, love their cheese balls and crackers!

  3. i think this is a great gift for grandparents! older people love this stuff 🙂

  4. Literally drooling at my screen! This would be a great gift for anyone. I know my parents would love it for sure.


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