RadioShack: THE Place for Holiday Shopping- Check Out My Great Finds! #MC

logoI participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for RadioShack. I received a gift card to facilitate a shopping trip and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

A few weeks ago I shared the awesome deals RadioShack had coming up for Black Friday and thereafter; I’m hopeful that a few of you were able to snag some of those deals for yourself!  If not, you can still get great deals on all of your holiday shopping at the RadioShack Holiday Hub and the new and improved RadioShack stores!

Recently RadioShack has been updating their stores. They’re busy improving each of the stores, including new paint and interior signage updating to current brand standards. These stores feature bright, completely redesigned interiors and new exterior signage bearing the new RadioShack logo.  All stores recently completed a merchandise update designed to deliver a better shopping experience and make room for new products in growing categories, and holiday shoppers will be among the first to experience RadioShack’s recently updated stores.

I was able to go into one of the newly updated RadioShack stores and do some holiday shopping.  Since it’s been so long since I’ve been in a RadioShack store, I didn’t really have anything to compare to. However, I loved that as soon as I walked in I felt the same personal shopping experience as I remember feeling growing up and shopping in RadioShack stores;  It’s not a huge giant store where I’m just one of 100 other customers.  We were immediately acknowledged, and as soon as the manager was done with the customer he’d been helping he came to assist us.  I also loved how bright and open the store was; it was easy to see all of the different products available for purchase without having to walk all over to search for them.

cell phone displayI knew one item that I wanted- a printer- and asked that he direct me to the area where those were displayed.  I was a bit disappointed to learn that they only had one printer for sale in that store.  The manager informed me that the different RadioShack stores will vary their product displays based on the areas where they’re located, that at this particular store the focus wasn’t as much on computers and accessories as it was on cell phones and accessories and home entertainment, such as audio systems, speakers and such.  However, the printer they had there was what I was looking for, and I was pleased that it was well within the price range I expected to pay. 

PrinterThey happened to only have one in stock (we were informed that their inventory was down because of Black Friday, we were there the following Tuesday) but that they usually had more in stock.  He took it up to the counter to hold it for me while I shopped some more.

My kids loved checking out all of the toys they had available.  A remote control helicopter is at the top of my oldest boys’ wish lists, so they spent plenty of time oohing and ahhing all over the different ones available at this RadioShack store.

After looking around and noticing all of the bluetooth speakers they had on display, I remembered that my husband had been asking for a small bluetooth speaker for his office at work.  Now, when it comes to these sort of things I couldn’t begin to tell you which brands are better than others, what you might expect to pay for one, etc, so I was glad that the manager was right there to assist me with that.  I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I wanted something good.  He let me know that that was part of the updated stores; they stopped carrying tons and tons of different brands and narrowed down to a handful, offering you good, better, and best of the different products.  He helped me find the best of the lower priced bluetooth speakers, and I was pleased to see that it happened to be on sale at the time too! 

Bluetooth SpeakerSince I had no idea what the sound quality would be, he took one off of the shelf and out of the box and plugged it in so I could hear the quality.  It sounded great to me!

This is one new thing they have in the new concept stores- the RadioShack Speaker Wall– which is an interactive display where customers can play the music on a selected speaker to see how it sounds as compared to the other speakers.  Really cool, right?

I am STOKED with my purchases from RadioShack! 

RadioShack buysMy kids spilled the beans about the speaker, so I gave it to my husband early and he is loving it. It’s great for his office at work and fit his needs perfectly. We are also loving the printer. Being that it’s also a scanner and copier, it’s sure to get TONS of use in our house (especially since we homeschool)! 

Be sure and head over to the RadioShack Holiday Hub OR to your local RadioShack store for great holiday deals and gifts! I’m sure you’ll be just as pleased as I am!


  1. Hey, I have that printer! Got it at a different store, but still have that one. lol I should take a trip to Radio Shack this weekend because my boys need one more gift and I’ve been thinking a little speaker is what they need!

  2. Great choices! I love Radio Shack. We have one close to us and I end up doing a lot of shoppin there!

  3. joanna garcia says

    i have not been to radio shack for along time so this will be a great time to check them out! glad to hear they were friendly and the awesome products they had!

  4. I have not been to Radio Shack in a long while. I may have to check them out again for some gifts this year.

  5. We used to go to Radio Shack a lot when I was a kid! I go there now for specialty items, but maybe I should check them out again. Thanks!!!

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