Toys For Boys- Endless Fun with Transformers Construct-Bots

botWe were sent the following for review purposes. All thoughts expressed are our own.

If there’s one thing I KNOW will be a hit with my boys, it’s Transformers.  Transformers books, movies, apparel, toys… It makes no difference to them!

We were recently able to review the new Transformers Construct-Bots, which quickly became a HUGE favorite of my boys.

For the first time, TRANSFORMERS fans can construct, customize and convert their very own Bots! TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTSare the newest innovation from Hasbro–each TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS figure includes a robot frame, armor, weapons, and accessory parts to let kids build and customize their own TRANSFORMERS robot action figure. To enhance the TRANSFORMERS play experience, each CONSTRUCT-BOTS figure can quickly and easily convert from robot to vehicle and back without taking it apart. Plus, all parts are interchangeable between all TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS figures, so there’s almost no limit to what kids can create!

You can mix and match pieces from different sets to create your own one-of-a-kind bot, AND there’s a Transformers app where your child can create and name a custom Transformer and play games; a combination of TRUE endless fun!

Of the two Construct-Bots we were sent, my 6 year-old chose Iron Hide (retail value $9.99)  and my 9 year-old chose Wheeljack (retail value $14.99).

Construct BotsAs a mom with kids who aren’t always good about keeping things cleaned up and together, I was glad to see that the Wheeljack set came with a storage box.  Chances are my boys will take these apart and rebuild them a lot, so I’ll be glad to know that the pieces will be kept together in the box.

storageThe directions were easy to follow, and in no time the boys had their bots built.

directionsputting togetherA few of the pieces were a little harder to snap into place and my 6 year-old needed a bit of help, but he was able to do most of it on his own.  Getting them to sit still long enough for a picture was next to impossible; they love their bots!

all built completeLike the Transformers, these bots also construct into vehicles. VERY cool!

Now I have a new go-to gift for the boys.  With so many different options (18 on the website), I’ll have no problem finding them a great new Bot for quite some time!

If you’re looking for a great toy for the boys on your list this holiday, be sure and check out Transformers Construct-Bots! Check out the Transformers Construct-Bots Facebook page for more fun!


  1. My son LOVES his Transformers Construct-bots. He put it together with no problems..I love how you can mix and match them!

  2. These look like so much fun. My girls aren’t in to transformers, but I know my nephew would like it. Just might have to get it for him for Christmas!!

  3. Those sound great! My little dude hasn’t discovered Transformers yet but I think even he would like them, especially with the app tie-in!

  4. Looks fun and your boys seem to love them. Won’t be long before my boys discover these and want some.

  5. Joanna Garcia says

    that is so cool that you can actually transform them into vehicles and that they assemble them! great idea!

  6. teresa honores says

    this reminds me of my youth what my brother used to play this would be such great gifts for the boys in my family

  7. Sandra VanHoey says

    I haven’t seen a little boy yet that doesn’t like the transformers. I think the big guys like them just as much as well

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