Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Handprint Heart Canvas Art

Handprint Heart Canvas ArtI love kids’ handprints.  They’re adorable, and it’s a great way to see how much they’ve grown over the years. When my kids were little (before they could write their own names) we’d have them “sign” cards and letters using their handprint. We’ve saved a few of those cards over the years, and it brings tears to my eyes to see their tiny little hands. I love it.

You may have seen the Mother’s Day post I did last year- Handprint Flower Canvas Art. I wanted to do something similar this year (for myself 🙂 ), so I came up with this Handprint Heart Canvas Art in honor of Valentine’s Day. This would make a great Mother’s Day/Grandparent’s Day/Father’s Day gift as well.  Not only did we have a blast with this, but it makes me smile every time I look at it.  

Here’s what you’ll need:

supplies needed

  • -Canvases (you can find them in tons of different sizes; I used two 12×12)
  • -Assorted acrylic paints (I chose red and pink to fit the Valentine’s Day theme, though I may do another set to match the colors of our room)
  • -Foam brushes and paint brush (I bought one foam brush for each color paint so I wouldn’t have to wash in between colors)
  • -Tacky glue
  • -Ribbon/gems/assorted embellishments for decorating

painted handsBrush paint liberally onto your child’s hand/fingers using the foam brush and place in desired spot on the canvas; make sure the hands are placed in the heart-shape!  After trying to do both hands at the same time with my oldest I realized it was hard for them to get their hands together properly.  For the other 3 I did one hand at a time so I could be sure to place them properly; Worked much better. 🙂

Next, I decided where I wanted the ribbon.  Using tacky glue, put a thin line on the canvas, then place your ribbon. Allow to dry for a bit before moving on.

Finally, I lightly penciled the letters onto the canvas in the desired spots and then painted with black paint.  I know for some of you more crafty people, you’ll be able to do this freehand without pre-writing, but I’m just not that good.  For those of you who are, kudos to you; go for it.

finished canvasEmbellish to your liking (if desired, I chose not to) and you’re done!  Now I just need to get this on the wall so I can appreciate it even more.

Happy Crafting and Happy Gifting- I know the recipient will “LOVE” it! 😀


  1. Cute idea and yours turned out so perfect. My kids are too young this year to do it but a great idea to remember!

  2. So simple and such an amazing way to preserve those little hand prints for ever. I love this idea.

  3. This is such a cute craft! I have something similar that my daughter made in preschool a loooong time ago. I still cherish it!

  4. What a really neat and personal gift for a love one for any occasion!

  5. This is super cute! I love fun crafts like this to do with the kiddos. It would make a great gift for parents AND grandparents.

  6. We are constantly painting and decorating canvases around here and some of our favorites are the ones where we used the kids hands. For Christmas we did footprints and handprints to make reindeer!

  7. I am so impressed – love this idea! For some reason, hand print crafts have always scared me away, but this one I just might have to try!

  8. This is so cute! A great project idea for kids!

  9. I love this! I always think to do my kids’ handprints but never thought about doing it special for Valentine’s Day. What a fun decoration to have for holidays to come.

  10. what a fun idea. perfect for valentines or even newborns

  11. love this!! handprint art is way high on my list of favorite things

  12. We love doing handprint art for all holidays. Love how you added the ribbon for a v-day touch!


  14. I love handprint heart! That turned out so cute!! I’ve got 4 little pairs of hands I can use! 🙂

  15. This is an awesome idea! I could do it with my daughter!

  16. Aw they turned out awesome! I pinned this for later!

  17. Now that is gorgeous… I think I’d like to make one with my whole family.

  18. Oh I love this. I have a hand print kit that I wanted to do with my daughter but it’s clay. This one is so much nicer and easier. Thanks for the idea.

  19. I don’t have kids but I love this craft! I’ve seen many crafts like this for all different occasions and love them! What a cute little keepsake to have!

  20. How cute! I love this simple yet adorable handmade gift idea for kids!

  21. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    I think that is a very cute a creative gift that would last a lifetime. Any mom or grandmother would love and cherish this. It would also make a great fathers day gift too.

    You hit a home run on this one.

    • Thank you, Linda!! I really love it and am seriously considering doing quite a few of these for all of the grandparents. Not only is it fun to give, but it’s so fun to do too!

  22. Oh this is so adorable!! Would be great for so many other holidays too! I really would love to do it for Grandparents day!

  23. Gina Hiskes says

    This is so cute! I’m working on a photo wall going up our stairs, I think I’ll have all of my kids do this on one big canvas.

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