Easter Dinner is Covered with HoneyBaked Ham- #HoneyBakedEaster $50 g/c #Giveaway (20 winners!)

HoneyBaked_Holiday_2013I participated in a campaign for HoneyBaked Ham. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip. All thoughts expressed are my own.

The holidays always bring feelings of excitement, but none more than those holidays which bring the family together.  I love my huge family and always look forward to the holiday get-togethers for 2 main reasons; first, because it means the whole family will be together, and second, because it means I get to eat a lot of delicious food!  What I do not look forward to, however, is the stress of cooking.  It would be wonderful to just have the meal prepared for me so all I have to worry about is eating and enjoying the time with my family.  While I don’t have to cook the entire holiday meal (we ladies got smart pretty quick and started signing up to each bring a few different things and take the burden off of one person) I still have to spend time cooking.  As much as I love cooking, even making two of the holiday dishes for a large group of people can be tiring.

I’ve gotten smart now, though.  Before this past Christmas I don’t know that I had ever had HoneyBaked Ham. Crazy, right?  I had no idea what I was missing out on, or how much easier it could be if I’d just let THEM do the work for me!  Whether I sign up to bring the meat or a few of the sides for the holiday meal, HoneyBaked Ham has my back.

Perhaps you’re like I was- clueless as to how amazingly easy and delicious HoneyBaked Ham makes holiday meals.  Let me tell you a bit about how it works at HoneyBaked Ham (you’ll thank me)!

Their meats are fully cooked, so all you need to do to have it ready is to warm it up a bit. At the HoneyBaked Ham store they always have food on hand, but if you have a special request, or if you’re worried about having the right size ham, turkey, or roast for your Easter dinner you can call a few days ahead and place your order.  Additionally, HoneyBaked Ham has quite a few delicious homestyle sides, breads, and desserts available in store for purchase to round out your meal. 

Plenty of sides in storeOur family always has sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole at every holiday meal, and so I was thrilled to see that the HoneyBaked Ham store has those available!  They also have Potatoes au Gratin, Broccoli Rice Casserole, Macaroni and Cheese, and Cinnamon Apples if you prefer.

Recently we were able to head over to our local HoneyBaked Ham store (shout out to the Paradise Valley HoneyBaked Ham store- you guys rock!) to grab a delicious ham and sides- It’s good to know exactly what we want for our Easter dinner!

Paradise Valley StoreSince we’d been able to try a few of the sides at Christmastime, I knew there were a few we loved and had to have again this time- Macaroni and Cheese and Sweet Potato Souffle- and then I grabbed a few new ones to try- Broccoli and Rice Casserole and Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  The ham we’d had at Christmastime was the boneless ham, so this time I wanted to try the bone-in ham to see if the flavor was any different.  Of course I was thrilled knowing it would take me literally no effort to prepare dinner for the night other than warming the food in the oven, and the entire family was excited to get to have delicious HoneyBaked Ham again for dinner!

HoneyBaked Ham and sides HoneyBaked Ham complete mealEverything was delicious, of course, and we also found that we really preferred the bone-in ham vs the boneless ham. While both are delicious (and have the signature honeybaked crunchy goodness our family loves), the bone-in was more moist and flavorful (especially the pieces nearest the bone).  Although everyone was plenty full, the food was so good we kept eating until there was only a bit of the Broccoli and Rice Casserole and a small amount of ham left (okay, and a bit of sweet potato souffle left that I hid so I could have leftovers the next day- shhhh).  The kids loved everything so much they were making sure everyone got equal amounts of what was left- no fair if someone got to finish the last spoonful and someone else didn’t get to have more! ๐Ÿ˜‰ As I expected, plates were cleaned, seconds and thirds were had, bellies were filled, and people were happy.

clean plateOf course all of that eating meant clean-up was easy for me too. I tossed what was left of the casserole into a tupperware for later, put the ham bone and the chunk of ham in a bag to use for beans or split pea soup later (can’t wait!) and that was it! 

So do yourself a favor for Easter dinner this year- Head over to your local HoneyBaked Ham store, grab all the fixin’s you need for your Easter dinner, and then prepare yourself for a relaxing, stress-free family dinner.  If your family isn’t feeling up for a big meal, try one of their party trays!  Once you’ve experienced the ease and deliciousness of HoneyBaked Ham, your holidays won’t ever be the same!

If you’d like to try HoneyBaked Ham for your Easter dinner,be sure and check out these deals (using this limited-time coupon: http://www.brogansocialmedia.com/work/HBH/images/2014_HBH_Easter_Coupon_Page.pdf):

$5 off Any Size Half/Whole Ham

$3 off Any Size Quarter Ham

$2 off Sliced and Glazed Whole Turkey

$1 off Any 2 Frozen Sides

$3 off 3 Frozen Sides

 AND enter this giveaway now for your chance to win one of 20 (yes, I said twenty) $50 gift cards! Giveaway ends on April 13 at midnight CT. Good luck!
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  1. We have a Honey Baked Ham store up the street from where I live and they open seasonally. My mother has gotten her Easter hams from there before and they are GOOD!

  2. Yum! I am so excited about Easter this year for some reason. This ham looks delicious; my parents always get a honey-baked ham for Thanksgiving, and it’s so good.

  3. I learned that they had a hambone section in the take home… more soup for our family, and it will be easier!

  4. We love Honey Baked Ham! It’s an easy way to prepare a dinner for the whole family.

  5. The ham looks delicious, so do all the sides. This would make it so easy to get dinner on the table for Easter or any day.

  6. I love their Green Bean Casserole! We visited Honey Baked Ham last month for the first time in years and it definitely now wont be our last visit.

  7. teresa mccluskey says

    Honeybaked ham is so good! I wish we had a store close by here!

  8. YUM! I love Honey Baked Ham so much. It’s my go to place for holiday meals – and every day meals!

  9. Great looking meal. Ham is my favourite for Easter.

  10. I love Honey Baked Ham! What a perfect Easter meal!

  11. I always love Honey Baked Hams! My mother makes such a delicious glaze too when she makes one for the holidays.

  12. Yum I love HoneyBaked ham! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Now I’m totally craving the Broccoli and Rice Casserole and Mac & Cheese! Yum!

  14. That looks delicious. I am luck that either my parents or in-laws cook. So I miss that stress. Yea me!!

  15. Ok, Now I’m craving ham. What a great giveaway too! Lots of winners

  16. Oh yum, yum, yum! Their food looks absolutely amazing! I was just checking to see if we have one nearby. It’s not too close, but not bad either. I really need to get myself down there!

  17. We love Honey Baked Ham! We used them a couple years ago for catering a holiday meal, and we eat there for lunch quite often.

  18. We love Honeybaked Ham! Thanks for the coupons to their store – I plan on picking up half a ham and some side dishes!

  19. I don’t eat ham but I could definitely go for the turkey! Plus the side dishes look delicious! There’s a Honeybaked Ham right around the corner from me and now I want to go.

  20. Love honeybaked ham! Haven’t been in a long time and apparently I need to. Yum

  21. My aunt occasionally purchases a honeybaked ham for Christmas. We ALWAYS have one for Easter, though. Love them!

  22. Oh that ham looks amazing!! Great giveaway!! I signed up ๐Ÿ™‚ Haven’t had an Honey Baked Ham in a very long time.

  23. Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to NOT cook for Easter~

  24. I have never had Honey Baked Ham, but it looks so good. I had no idea they had all of those side dishes available too!

  25. They do have such a delicious selection. I love their sides, and I love how easy they make it make a big dinner!

  26. Easter ham is so yummy! Yours look absolutely amazing.

  27. I absolutely love honey baked ham! I’m going to look into this more. Great giveaway.

  28. I can’t wait until Easter! I love spiral hams and always have one on Easter.

  29. I love Honeybaked Ham! Their sides are so delicious!

  30. We dont eat alot of ham but for the families that do, they will enjoy this. Looks yummy.

  31. Growing up, we lived around the corner from a Honeybaked Ham. Needless to say, we had it on holidays, but just regular days too, lol. They have a great lunch menu!

  32. I haven’t had a Honeybaked ham before but I’ve heard lots of great things about them. Maybe this is the year I will try it!

  33. Ashley M says

    Oh my gosh, I love that all of the fixing are right in rows, just grab one of each and go!

  34. That looks delicious! I never tried honeybaked ham before and I might try it after reading your post. Thanks for the inspiration. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. YUM! I love how easy holiday meal planning is with Honeybaked Ham! I’d love to take the hassle out of cooking a big meal like that.

  36. I’m not even sure it there is a place near us anymore. My dad used to get their hams every year, so good

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