Fun For the Entire Family at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival #ScottsdaleAZ

Scottsdale Culinary FestivalI’m so thrilled to be working with the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau again this month to share some of the awesome local activities with you. Up this month is one of the awesome annual events in Scottsdale.

If you’re a regular reader you know I enjoy cooking.  And who doesn’t enjoy eating, especially delicious foods?!  Scottsdale, Arizona has tons of amazing places to eat, as well as many different food festivals to enjoy.  Best of all, many of these festivals are perfect whether you’re going alone, with your significant other, your friends, or the entire family. That’s right, family friendly!

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This past month marked the 36th anniversary of one of those festivals- the Scottsdale Culinary Festival– which happens to be the longest running event of it’s type in the nation!!  It’s a 6 day festival- with the weekday events happening in the evening and the weekend events starting in the afternoon- so you can pick and choose which days work best for you and your family and/or which events you’re most interested in.  As a guest, you’ll be able to enjoy all different types of foods, experience the culinary genius of tons of chefs, and even enjoy live music while you’re there!  Whether you love chocolate and wine, burgers or BBQ, there’s an event tailored to the food you love most. Or if you love a little bit of everything, you can attend the signature event- the Great Arizona Picnic. 

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During the Great Arizona Picnic, guests wind through 25 acres of gardens and fountains along the Civic Mall in downtown Scottsdale while sampling tasty bites from over 50 Valley restaurants, watching cooking demonstrations from top chefs and enjoying live music on three stages. 

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live music

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taste and shop

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BBQ chicken

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Doesn’t that look like fun?!

Additionally, the festival is the primary fundraiser for the Scottsdale League for the Arts, whose members and staff work all year to present the festival. The League’s mission is to support artists, art programs, and arts education through fundraising and special events. Since 2002, the League has donated over $3.8 million to arts organizations in Arizona. So, when you purchase tickets to attend a festival event, or if you volunteer, you are supporting the arts and culinary scene in the Valley of the Sun!

Like Scottsdale Culinary Festival on Facebook to stay up to date with upcoming events. As always, check with Experience Scottsdale if you need help finding accommodations for your stay, or if you’re looking for a different activity on your trip to Scottsdale.

 I was compensated for sharing the above mentioned activities with you. Regardless, all thoughts expressed are my own, and I never share anything I don’t feel would be a good fit for myself or my readers.



  1. I love events like that. There is a Greek Orthodox church near me that has a huge food festival in June that I am counting down to.

  2. Oh, YUM! This sounds like a great time! We have something similar here in St. Louis.

  3. I just attended my first food festival here in GA. This one looks good, too.

  4. Looks like a good time! We are luck enough to live in Atlanta where they have at least one food festival per weekend for the entire spring!

  5. My in-laws just left the area after staying all winter. Will have to mention this to them for next year!

  6. I love going to food festivals. Funny story, I’ve been to two in NYC and one in Chicago yet none within my own town in Texas. It just happens I was visiting those cities while they had one.

  7. I have never been to a festival like this, but I am sure i would love to visit this one day. Have always wanted to visit Scottsdale

  8. I love festivals like these! I wish I was in Scottsdale to attend and eat all the amazing foods!

  9. the food looks great. sounds like a fun event

  10. You are right! Who doesn’t love to eat!? I have always wanted to go to one of these food festivals. I think I am going to try talking my hubs into going to Taste of Chicago this year.

  11. Ooh, what a fun place to visit! …and those donuts look amazing!

  12. It’s really too bad you can’t smell a photo. I’m just imaging all the delicious aromas!

  13. I have friends and family in Scottsdale. There are always great things to see and do there!

  14. that may be the yummiest way i’ve ever seen to spend an afternoon. Delish! elastic waist pants!

  15. That does look fun! And the food looks great! I have an uncle that lives in Scottsdale.

  16. I heard about this on the radio! Looks like you had a great time!

  17. Oh wow, this looks like SO much fun! I’d love to go to a culinary festival, cool! The food looks outstanding!

  18. If only this was closer. I’m dreaming about donuts now!

  19. That looks like such an awesome festival. I love food festivals like this and would love to go to another one soon. OMG I would eat everything there!

  20. I would love to go to something like this! I’m such a foodie.

  21. Ohh, the food……the food! I love going to things like this and trying all the yummies!

  22. This is my kind of festival! I love exploring with food! Yummy!

  23. We have a day like this in town each year and it’s so fun to go around tasting all the fun eats, playing games, and riding rides.

  24. This does seem like a great event for the entire family. These types of events are the things that make memories great.

  25. I really enjoy events like a food festivals! They’re just so diverse and fun!

  26. I love family festivals. We have all types here in Katy TX. Fun outing for the kids

  27. This looks like so much fun – I have got to check our area and see if we have something like this! I would love to attend

  28. Oh wow, I would love to go to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival. I can almost smell it from your pics.

  29. Looks like a great event. Can’t lie I was drooling over the pic of the donuts!

  30. It does look fun. I love that it’s festival season again, woohoo!

  31. Sandra VanHoey says

    Looking at all the food makes me hungry, even that pizza looks delicious! Sounds like lots of fun to me

  32. Food festivals are my favorite. I love them even more when there’s a beer garden!

  33. That looks like an event that my husband and I would really enjoy. We might even be able to convince our teen to go. 😉

  34. Oh wow! This makes me even more excited about moving back to Arizona one day! The Scottsdale Culinary Festival sounds like such a fab event.

  35. I love these kinds of festivals, especially when it involves food! You’re making me hungry!

  36. This sounds so fun! I want to go to some food festivals this summer 🙂

  37. Katie Klein says

    That looks delicious!! I can’t wait until the taste of chicago. It is still too cold here for food festivals 🙁

  38. Jennifer Y says

    Oh! This sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I would love to do this. I have wanted to for years and I am usually put of town when it’s going on. I need to put an alert on my phone to remind me when the next one rolls around. I do love Scottsdale events. 🙂 Good thing I live nearby!

  39. That looks like fun. We totally need to make our way to Arizona. It would be a great family trip since we’re in California.

  40. Robin Cabrini says

    Looks amazing, love Scottsdale, my mom and I go there once a year. It’s such a great little get away!

  41. We have so much fun at our local food festivals. We probably hit a half a dozen of them each year.

  42. Ah, I wish I would have known about this! I’m local and this would have been fun to go to!

  43. Julie Wood says

    We have a big food festival every year in my Town. This looks like an awesome food festival in Scottsdale Arizona. The food looks delicious, and I would love to go!

  44. I’ve never been to a culinary festival before, it looks and sounds amazing. That food looks delicious!

  45. I love that they are raising money for such a good cause. Looks like so much fun!

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