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Dealing with acne during my teen years was no big deal.  I was blessed to be one who didn’t have much acne other than the occasional minor breakout or those few crazy big, painful red zits on the end of my nose or chin.  Embarrassing for my teen self, yes, but far better that many of my friends had to deal with.  Pretty great.

However, since having my 4th child (and then turning 30 shortly thereafter) I have had acne. At times it has been really bad acne.  At first I thought it had to do with my hormones after having a baby, though it never happened after having my first three children.  Then I had heard that turning 30 changed your hormones and could cause acne, bringing back memories of the teen years.  I would have happily dealt with acne like my teen years, but that’s not what I got. I had full blown breakouts. Red zits all over my faces, horrible, hard, under the skin pimples that hurt but wouldn’t go away, like, ever.  I even got back zits and neck zits (never had those in my life, even through my many years of playing volleyball) and even had zits appear along my hairline. It was ridiculous!  I tried creams, soaps, home remedies- all to no avail.  It got bad enough I decided to go to the dermatologist, who wanted to put me on a few different medications to “help” the problem, from birth control pills to blood pressure pills.  The last thing I wanted was to be dependent on pills and chemicals to treat my acne, but I also didn’t want to feel a 30(something)-year-old walking around looking like a teenager with the ridiculous acne breakouts. Despite being comfortable in my own skin, dealing with teen-like acne breakouts was embarrassing.

Enter Silk’n Blue, a non-chemical, non-medicinal way to treat acne.

Silk'n Blue Silk’n Blue is a hand-held light device for home treatment of acne.  It helps to get rid of mild to moderate acne with the dual technology of natural blue light and dermal heating. The blue light (same as what is used in dermatologists offices) destroys existing acne-causing bacteria residing beneath the skin’s surface, and results  are quick– get best results of clear, beautiful skin in 3-7 weeks!

Silk'n Blue lightWhile my acne has been better within the last year, I still had some hard spots under the skin that haven’t wanted to go away, and of course there’s a certain time of the month when I suffer from breakouts. I couldn’t wait to try out Silk’n Blue!  Of course when I first got it I had no visible acne so I have no before photos to show you. I considered waiting until I had some- for the sake of photos only- but decided I was sick of dealing with breakouts and I was going to prevent the next one before I started so I began to pre-treat.  For best results Silk’n Blue should be used daily, up to twice a day, and then once a week to prevent future acne.  I didn’t make time to use it twice a day, but I did use it nightly.  Using it was super easy. Push the ‘on’ button and place on the face and the light automatically comes on. The curved design made it easy to hold comfortably against the skin. I’d set the timer for 4 minutes and watch TV or read until the timer went off and I’d move Silk’n Blue to the next area, set the timer again, and so-on.  It took a bit to do my entire face and the problem spots on my back, neck and hairline, but I hardly noticed since I was able to do other things while treating.

Using Silk'n BlueThe Silk’n Blue gets warm on the skin as you hold it there, but nothing too hot or uncomfortable. In fact, Silk’n Blue possesses a built-in temperature sensor which prevents the device from exceeding 41°C / 106°F.  Afterward you could see the areas that were treated- my skin had a red tint to it- but it wasn’t long after before it was gone. I was stoked when I realized about a week later that my usual monthly acne hadn’t appeared.  Back zits, neck zits and hairline zits are gone. Voila. Amazing!  Even better, the hard, under the skin areas that had been there for a long time were gone as well!

Of course I got lazy (because it worked!) and didn’t pay attention to the time of month the following month, and wouldn’t you know my face acne appeared.  I began to treat immediately and it helped to get rid of what was there quickly and prevented further breakouts.  I was curious why I didn’t have any acne appear on my back, neck or hairline though, but discovered something else super cool about Silk’n Blue. The dual energy system not only kills acne-causing bacteria, it dehydrates oil-producing glands to prevent future breakouts!  I’ve been better about doing the once a week preventative treatment, and despite having none on my back, neck or hairline I am still treating those areas just to be sure the acne won’t reappear again.

I finally feel like the same old me when I look in the mirror, and I have no more embarrassment about my face when I am around people.  As my children approach puberty and the inevitable, I’m glad to know I have Silk’n Blue to help them out too.

Here are a few before/after photos from the Silk’n Blue site, just so you can see how well it works:

beforeAfter 3 months beforeAfter 6 monthsSo are you ready to start experiencing amazing results without the use of chemicals, drugs or creams?  Head over to Silk’ and use the coupon code EXTRATWENTY to get an additional 20% off until Sept 30 2014!


  1. Though I have acne every now and again, this product wouldn’t be for me. However, it sounds like a very good product for those suffering with mild to severe problems. Those pictures from the website look great. I hope it works for anyone who does try this product in the future! 😀

  2. This is a cool gadget! Thanks for sharing your review!

  3. I’ll definitely check out the product if I start to develop acne problems. I really like finding products that work and don’t involve a ton of chemicals.

  4. Catherine S says

    This looks like a great product. I will look into getting one for my teenage son. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I have heard of this and its amazingness! I get pimples in the same spots each month and they last for weeks and are impossible to get rid. I have a feeling this would help.

  6. I get acne every now and then but it is not something that I am overly concerned about. This sounds like a great product though and so I will keep it in mind for the future.

  7. Great review! I’ve seen a few for this product, and I’m really interested in it for when my son starts to get blemishes. It looks like a really great product, if it works then I think it would be a great investment. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I don’t have a lot of acne anymore but I know someone who does. I am going to tell her about this because she would like it much more than the creams and stuff she is using without relief.

  9. This sounds like a great product! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Both parents here could use that instead of panoxyl. Meanwhile, my 11 year old is heading that way any minute!

  11. I don’t have acne regularly, but when I break out, it takes forever to clear up. I would love something like this!

  12. I used this product as well. I like that there’s no chemicals!

  13. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I love that there are no chemicals. I have been blessed with great skin, but my kids are nearing their teenage years and who knows if they will be as lucky!

  14. Those before and after pictures above are so dramatic. It is nice to see results without chemicals.

  15. This doodad is awesome! I love the idea of treating my acne without exposing my skin to harsh chemicals. Super cool!

  16. I don’t get acne enough to worry about it, but if I did this would be awesome! It’s amazing how far technology has come.

  17. I am SO GLAD to read this post! I’ve been so so curious as to if this works. I’m not big on meds but my girls have their fair share of break outs. Nothing too bad, but I’d still like to get this for them. I just didn’t want to get it if I wasn’t sure if it really worked.

  18. Maria Oller says

    I want one of those so bad I’ve seen then on tv and I’m really curious I’ve some sorta seasonal acne and would love for soemthing really gentle with my sensitive skin thanks for sharing

  19. Things I need in my life…this! I just started getting acne again at nearly thirty. How crazy!

  20. Wow that is amazing. I know a ocusin who has struggled with acne her entire life – she has tried everything. I wonder if this would help her.

  21. I have never seen this product before. I like the fact that it does not contain any chemicals and the results you posted are remarkable.

  22. shelly peterson says

    This thing is pretty neat. I would love to try this, especially if it really works as shown in their before and after pics.

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