Decorating Your Child’s Room in Angry Birds Theme

My youngest son recently celebrated a birthday.  He got a Target gift card from his great-grandparents and was eager to spend it, but I was a bit reluctant because I fully expected him to spend every penny on toys- toys that I knew would get broken in a week or find their way lost in the toy box.  But alas, we made it to Target and began our quest to spend the money.  Imagine my joy when we walked past the bedding and he saw something that caught his eye! (Thank you Target, for putting the toys at the back of the store!)  My Angry Birds loving little guy found a fantastic deal- Angry Birds comforter and Angry Birds twin bedding set…on clearance! What would have cost $55 we got for him for $16.50. Woot!!
Angry Birds Comforter and Sheet setOf course, this makes him excited to have a new bedding set, but now we’re seeing the need to redecorate his room.  Admittedly, he has hardly anything actually decorating his room to begin with. One tiny picture of dinosaurs and a handmade (by grammy) dinosaur quilt is all he has on his wall.  We have been wanting to find some things to hang on his wall but had been dragging our feet because we weren’t quite sure what to do, but  now… Well, I’m FULL of ideas thanks to Pinterest!
I’m loving this super fun Angry Birds wall display- thanks Pinterest!
Angry Birds wall display
Of course a few of the cute pig and bird plush pillows would be fun for on the bed too, not just as part of the wall decor.  Toys “R” Us has a selection of them.
angry birds plushMy husband is pretty set on getting an Angry Birds poster for the room, which I know my son would love.  I found this fun one on Amazon:
Angry Birds posterHowever, I want it to have more of a finished look (yes, I realize it’s a poster but I just… can’t leave it looking “unfinished”, ugh), so I’ll definitely be grabbing a poster frame for it at  
I think some Angry Birds wall stickers would be fun. I love this set…
angry-birds-wall-stickers…and seeing it on Pinterest used in this way is SO much fun!
Angry Birds Stickers on wall
If you’re looking to do an Angry Birds themed room a simple Google search will give you plenty of ideas. These are just a tiny bit of the great ideas I was able to find, and I’m definitely not done looking quite yet.  I am so excited to get started on my son’s room decorations! 


  1. That is such a fun theme. I am trying to come up with something new for my son’s room!

  2. My son would love ANY of this stuff! That wall display is super creative!

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